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Inspiring talented children in Northern Russia

The Northern Arctic Federal University in Archangelsk in Russia's far north ranks among Google’s furthest flung outposts for RISE, our Roots in Science and Engineering programs. Its summer camp recently brought 40 talented children to Moscow's Institute of Mathematics, Informatics and Space Technology.

During five days, the teens learned about computing and ways to solve real world problems. They received hands-on lessons about how to build and program a robot to manage a computer without a keyboard or mouse.

Local Google engineers aimed to inspire the students to think big. Software engineer Anna Kondratieva from our Moscow office described Google's self driving car and Google Glass. Via Hangout, engineer Gulnara Lastovetsky spoke about career opportunities in computing.

The visit to the Moscow provided students with an opportunity to test a future studying science and technology. As the Institute’s director Lyudmila Haymina said: “Most of the students are keen to pursue IT studies and to come here as undergraduates.”

Plans are already underway for 2014, including creating an online version to reach more children. As this success from Russia's far north demonstrated, science and technology stars can come from anywhere.

Источник: Google Europe Blog


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