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Call for applications: Summer School of Russian Language and Culture
Call for applications: Summer School of Russian Language and Culture

Institute of Philology and Cross-Cultural communication is inviting you to the 5th Summer School of Russian Language and Culture in Arkhangelsk, Russia June 9-23, 2013.

Language courses in Summer School relies on three mutually complementary modules:

Language Module integrates two methods of foreign language teaching: a language course where no other language than Russian is used in class and teaching mediated by a foreign language (English, German, French depending on the group lineup). Language classes add up to 15 hours a week.

Arctic Region Studies Modules are composed of several electives:

  • The Land of Pomors: Traditions and Culture;
  • Russian North Political History;
  • Exploring the Arctic;
  • Orthodoxy in Russian North

The Cultural Module is designed to balance out the hours spent in classroom and involves visits to different entertainment facilities like concert halls, pubs and restaurants, as well as simply taking a
stroll in city streets.

Number of academic credits allocated - 3 ECTS
Tuition fee: 6 400 rubles (159 EUR), visa fee, travel and excursions expenses - covered by the applicant
Accommodation and lunch costs - covered by NArFU

The application deadline: March 15, 2013

Contact person: Ekaterina Mikhaylovskaya, e-mail: esm.84@mail.ru, tel: +7 952 301 88 38



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