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Russian Governor, Norwegian Ambassador and Indian Navy in the north
Russian Governor, Norwegian Ambassador and Indian Navy in the north

Russian Governor Igor Orlov met with the Ambassador-at- Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Chairman of the Committee of Senior Officials of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region, Sverre Stub.

Co-operation with our neighbors to the north is very important, - said Igor Orlov. - We are open to cooperation with strategic projects such as the development of the Arctic, construction of the Belkomur railway and deep-sea port of Arkhangelsk, the creation of agglomeration "Big Arkhangelsk,” networks of roads, airport modernization Arkhangelsk, and the use of basalt for the production of thermal insulating materials.

Sverre Stub noticed that Arkhangelsk Oblast is one of the most interesting of Russian regions involved in the Barents cooperation. The Ambassador invited Igor Orlov to take part in a meeting of the Board of BEAR, which will be held June 3, 2013 in Kirkenes (Norway), where there will be a new agreement.

Igor Orlov said that two of the most important areas of cooperation in the Barents region are science and education. After a student/ teaching communication, joint research lays the prospect of joint activities. Sverre Stub observed that most of the foreign students in Norway - including Russians and youth, are a key element to the Barents region cooperation.

The meeting also touched on issues such as the consolidation of BEAR training efforts for individual industries, control of climate change, the development of non-profit organizations and civil society.

The program of Sverre Stub’s visit included - participation in the international conference on "Cooperation in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region, in the sphere of education and science as a source of regional development.” The conference will be held at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University in conjunction with the University of Tromso’s sister city.



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