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Arctic Joy
Arctic Joy
Arkhangelsk students recently returned from an eventful 40 day cruise in the High North. As part of the program “The Floating University” they lived onboard the research vessel Professor Molchano, visited Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya, took water samples etc. Together with teachers, researchers, journalists and crew around 70 people took part in the journey.

A video diary with 20 clips can be seen HERE
The short videos are made in a popular manner and give glimpses from the islands and the Barents and White Seas, together with life onboard.

View from the deck of Professor Molchano. From the video diary of the Floating University

One of the aims of the Floating University is to secure Russia’s future interests in the Arctic.
– Students may feel the essence of their work, may fall in love with the Arctic and remain faithful to it, said Alexander Frolov, expedition leader from RosHydoMet after returning to Arkhangelsk.

The Floating University is part of the new “Northern Arctic Federal University” ( NArFU) established last year, when Arkhangelsk’s three universities – Pomor, Technical and Medical – were merged into one body on a federal level.



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