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“Pomorski Institute” will study the complex coast-dwellers (Arkhangelsk)

In Archangel appeared for Research and Education Center “Pomorski Institute of Indigenous and Minority Peoples of the North”, it is part of the (Arctic) Federal University. The Centre will undertake a comprehensive study of the indigenous ethnic communities of the European North.

As told BakuToday the center’s director, Ivan Moseev, the problem of complex study of coast-dwellers is long overdue. “Remember the parable, when taken to the blind elephant and then asked them to describe it. One described the leg, the second – tusk, the third – the tail. Also, we do not have a complete picture of what these coast-dwellers. There is a certain amount of knowledge that must be compile and complete. Some have studied the traditions of coast-dwellers, others viewed the way of life, and others studied the art of coast-dwellers, crafts, and a fourth – a story. But no one has conducted comprehensive research. “

It was in carrying out comprehensive research and sees the main task of the center of Ivan Moseev. Pomorie – not only indigenous people, whose study will deal with scientific and educational center. Study are all indigenous ethnic groups of Northern European, including not having the legal status of Indigenous Peoples.

In the structure of the ERC will create several laboratories: the laboratory population etnogenetiki and adaptation; laboratory study of the traditional culture of the European North, laboratory and human geography etnokulturologii indigenous peoples in the Arctic and Subarctic, Archaeological Research Laboratory of Northern European Russia; lab right of Indigenous Peoples.


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