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At the Forum “arctica-territory of dialogue” will be on health workers

Ministry of health and social development of the Arkhangelsk region organizes medical support activities that will take place within the framework of the II International Forum “arctica-territory of dialogue”.

From 21 to 24 September in two hospitals, “the first city hospital. E.e. Volosevič “and in the regional hospital for unforeseen cases reserved intensive therapy. “Ambulance station Archangelsk” will be on these days at all events. Medical support is planned in all places of residence of the participants of the international forum.

As we have informed, the II International Forum “arctica-territory of dialogue” will take place on 21-24 September 2011, in Arkhangelsk. Dialogue invited leading scientists, experts, prominent public and political figures, representatives of the countries of the Arctic Council and observer countries.

The main theme of the Forum is the formation of the Arctic transport system as the Foundation for the development of the Arctic region. Talk about development of commercial and scientific navigation, transportation hubs (sea and air ports) and corridors (Northern sea route), polar aviation passenger transpolârnyh and krosspolârnyh transport. The existence and sustainable development of such infrastructure is a vital necessity for the existence of the Arctic region.

It is expected that the Forum will be up to 400 leading scientists and experts, politicians, heads of the circumpolar countries and regions, representatives of largest Russian, American, Canadian and Scandinavian business structures. The Forum invited and other dignitaries from various countries interested in a peaceful and stable development of the region.

The main venue of the Forum will be the Northern (Arctic) Federal University. Key activities are planned for 22-23 September, reported BakuToday the Ministry of health and social development of the Arkhangelsk region.


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