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Arctic Forum to focus on transport opportunities

The second International Forum “The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue”, which opens in Arkhangelsk today is The Russian Geographical Society’s first international high-profile public event. The first forum was held in Moscow in 2010. The conference covered a wide range of topics related to Arctic environment and the raw material potential.

- Arkhangelsk was not chosen as host for the Forum by random, said Sergey Shoigu, President of the Russian Geographical Society in his opening speech at the Northern Arctic Federal University. – The town has a long history and important place in the development of the Arctic.

Nearly 50 scientists, politicians and diplomats from Russia, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Sweden and the U.S. will present the 400 participants their views on the possibilities and challenges in the Arctic.

The goal of the forum is to establish a dynamic exchange of ideas, innovations and best practices which all together will help to find solutions to the problems of Arctic exploration.



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