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The University in Arkhangelsk will have special focus on development of mineral resource, oil and gas

The Russian Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin signed the decree on establishing the Northern Federal (Arctic) University in Arkhangelsk.

The Decree was signed on April, 2 but officially revealed only on Tuesday evening. Previously it was expected that Putin announce the establishing of new Russian federal universities on the meeting in Krasnoyarsk on Monday, March 29, but the terrorist attack in Moscow subway made it impossible.

The Government’s decree follows the Presidential Edict of October last year and means that at least two biggest state universities in Arkhangelsk — The Technical university and the Pomor University will be merged into one structure with a high level of autonomy and lavish federal financing. It is not yet clear if the Medical University will also be a part of the new structure but the Regional Government insists that it should also be included.

The program of development of the Northern Federal University is focused at the issues of training the specialists and intensive research activity for future Arctic development. Thus, according to the Vice-Governor of Arkhangelsk oblast Elena Kudryashova the new university is going to launch 7 educational programs and enroll 700 students within the specialty «Development of mineral resources, oil and gas».

Eight educational programs will be launched and 1500 students enrolled within the specialty «Shipbuilding and construction of sea oil and gas facilities». 15 programs are to be started and 1500 students enrolled on the specialty «Complex Use of Bio-resources». 18 educational programs will be worked out for training the specialists in construction and exploitation of coastal infrastructure. The expected number of students on this faculty will be 2100. Also the federal university is going to intensify the training of specialists in information technologies and communication, environmental security etc.

The Russian Government expects that the new federal universities will become a bases for intensive research activities in the regions where they are established. This means sufficient growth of investments for the research activity. Only in 2010 the Northern (Arctic) Federal University in Arkhangelsk will get 1 billion rubles of investments for research activity in addition to the existing budgets. In the future the federal financing for research is promised to be even more substantial.

The Russian Government expects that the federal universities will be established in all federal districts of Russia. Today Russia has 7 federal universities: the Far-East Federal University in Vladivostok, The Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk, the North-East Federal University in Yakutsk, The Urals Federal University in Ekaterinburg, the Privolzhsky Federal University in Kazan and the Southern Federal University in Rostov and the Northern (Arctic) Federal University in Arkhangelsk.



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