Internationalization is considered to be an integral part of the Branch’s policy and a tool for performing the strategic tasks of the development. Internationalization enables the cooperation development in the sphere of educational and scientific research activity, allows improving the education quality in accordance with the world standards and trends, efficiently organizing the programs of academic mobility for teachers and students, getting access to the advanced research and technologies, and intensifying the innovative aspect of education. Internationalization also increases the investment potential of the region. 

With this background, alongside with the geopolitical aspects of the Branch location, it is possible to define the internationalization target of Severodvinsk Branch of NArFU as follows:

– regular complex inclusion of international aspect in education, science, innovation, social, administration and maintenance activities of the Branch under the unique conditions of company town Severodvinsk (military industrial sector town). 

Specific character of Severodvinsk Branch of NArFU’s international activity results in shifting and performing the most number of internationalization processes outside the Branch. In this respect, internationalization high-priority tasks and challenges for the Branch are the following: 

  • increase of the on-site academic mobility of teachers and students;
  • the Branch staff and students’ participation in international scientific research and education projects;
  • internationalization of the delivery of distance learning (creating courses / modules in foreign language, creating joint academic programs with foreign partners);
  • increase of publication activities in foreign journals (Web of Science, Scopus).


Program of Internationalization (Russian)