Institute of Humanities

Institute of Humanities is a subdivision of Severodvinsk branch of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov.

Mission. Meeting the wide needs of all the society groups of Russian subarctic regions in humanities knowledge, education service specializing in Humanities and Pedagogy, in professional competence forming, in scientific and educational support of career advancement; providing conditions for continuing education; ensuring high quality of all education forms based on using modern educational technologies and integration of science, education and industry.


  • conducting educational, scientific and international activities in the field of Humanities with the purpose of solving strategic tasks in various development courses of the Northwestern region of the RF;

  • training highly qualified specialists in the sphere of Humanities, Economics and Pedagogy;

  • making higher education accessible for Severodvinsk citizens according to their residence location;

  • performing fundamental and applied research relevant to European North of Russia;

  • implementing innovation projects ensuring competitive power and need for the university as an educational and scientific center.

Main tasks

  • organization of teaching process to implement programs of higher professional education in the spheres of Humanities, Pedagogy and Management;

  • training academic and teaching staff of top qualification in programs of postgraduate education;

  • extension of the range and improvement of the quality of education service considering the regional labour market needs;

  • organization of foreign language learning for the personnel of Severodvinsk enterprises;

  • organization of teaching process on the basis of modern educational technologies;

  • complex computerization of educational, scientific and managerial processes;

  • forming the academic basis for the education of high quality according to the third-generation educational standards;

  • performing fundamental and applied research relevant to European North of Russia, studying the Northern communities and culture;

  • extension of the grant scheme activity in the priority areas of research;

  • creating favourable environment for the institute students’ active living, for civil self-identification and self-fulfillment, for satisfying the needs in intellectual, cultural and moral development.


Over 80% of teachers of the institute have scientific degrees (10% are doctors and 70% are candidates). There are 215 students in the institute.

History of the institute

  • 1989 – the branch of M.V. Lomonosov Archangelsk Technical Institute opened in Severodvinsk

  • 1999 – the branch of the Pomor state university opened in Severodvinsk

  • 07 June, 2011 – the Institute of Humanities, branch of NArFU was established in Severodvinsk.

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