Международное сотрудничество

Severodvinsk Branch of NArFU is a unique scientific educational unit. It is a shipbuilding cluster, multifunctional educational complex implementing all levels of education: from secondary professional to postgraduate education. The Branch unites such institutions as: 

This balance of Engineering and Humanities Studies makes the Branch a unique educational institution. At the same time, a specific character of teaching engineering subjects resulting from the needs and features of company town Severodvinsk and military industrial sector of the RF as a whole imposes some restrictions on any kind of scientific research and academic activity of the Branch on the international level. However, realizing and considering the growing globalization rate nowadays, the Branch admits the need for internationalization of some of its processes. International potential is a necessary resource for innovative development and competitive power on a global scale. 

The Branch is always open to new opportunities of international cooperation. Find more information about the activity spheres, research interests and contacts in profiles of the Branch’s subdivisions.


Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.
Contact person: Specialist in international collaboration − Viktoria Kazyaba
E-mail: v.kayzaba@narfu.ru