Project «From Idea to Printing of Metal Products (I2P)»

Опубликовано 01.10.2021

Additive manufacturing defines a process that creates a physical object by adding materials in layers one by one based on its digital CAD model. Additive manufacturing is a digital manufacturing technology and a powerful tool for bringing new products to market.

Additive technologies enable specialists to quickly design and produce labour-intensive items - from smallest parts for aerospace industry and medicine to major industrial structures - under conventional manufacturing conditions. International academia and business community are pooling together their efforts towards promoting new technologies and digital economy. An example of this collaboration is the project «From Idea to Printing of Metal Products (I2P)» implemented in the framework of the Kolarctic CBC programme.

This platform will be a tool to help small and medium enterprises to boost their potential for advanced additive manufacturing by benefitting from the research based and practical developments at universities and their laboratories. The project has on its activity agenda a series of workshops for Arkhangelsk-based industries, which are going to be hosted by NArFU. Through cooperative work of the academic partners and business communities aimed at developing innovative 3D-printing and bringing additive technologies to the industries of the Barents Region, the project is expected to give rise to new ideas for the SMEs and boost the Arctic region’s business, employment and overall attractiveness.

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