Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University

Опубликовано 08.06.2021

Russia’s first port, Arkhangelsk is the starting point of what remains the least explored part of the planet and a strategically important region – the Arctic. 

In 2010, here was established Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University, a successor to the research expertise and educational resources of several schools with long established history. 

NArFU is currently the only federal university in the Arctic Zone. With expertise in Arctic research and development, it serves as a source of growth for its home region. 

NArFU’s Development Program reflects the basic goals of the Russian Arctic Strategy 2035 and is geared towards the nation’s goals in the field of education, science, digital economy and socio-economic development in the Arctic zone. 

Structurally, NArFU consists of 7 higher schools, 3 vocational schools and 3 campuses in Severodvinsk, Koryazhma, and Naryan-Mar. 

The degree programmes encompass majors as diverse as Engineering, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Humanities and are tailored to the needs of northern areas, ensuring Russia's geopolitical and economic interests in the North Arctic region. In delivering the academic process, NArFU relies on the principles of research-based education. 

The availability of cutting-edge research facilities enables NArFU to conduct research in a variety of fields. The shared use of equipment center ARKTIKA is one of the leading research centers in Russia. In 2019, it entered the Russian Ministry of Research and Higher Education’s list of 11 core research facilities of the Russian Federation. The laboratories of NArFU are tasked with developing nanotechnology-based composite building materials and the technologies for processing of the bio-resources of the North. Work is in process to design the methodologies for monitoring, assessing, predicting and preventing the risks associated with transfer of toxic pollutants to Arctic ecosystems. 

NArFU hosts the world-class Research and Education Center “The Russian Arctic: New materials, technologies and research methods”. Its members – dozens of enterprises, research centers and educational institutions based in several parts of Russia – are working to promote the Arctic development and introduce the northern industries to new technologies and scientific developments. 

The Northern (Arctic) Federal University is an international university. International student enrollment stands at 900 and includes 65 nationalities. 

an Arctic-oriented university, NArFU maintains close cooperative ties with universities in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Canada and the United States. 

 Swiftly growing are the partnerships with Central Europe, Eastern Asia and CIS. The key cooperation strategies unfold through network partnerships within the Barents Euro-Arctic Region, the circumpolar partnerships with the Arctic states and the observer countries of the Arctic Council, as well as joint research and educational projects under the programs of the European Union. 

NArFU has been acknowledged as conforming to the European Foundation for Quality Management criteria and consistent with requirements of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. With international recognition for excellence, the university has received the highest rating – five stars. 

In the global project of the Arctic development, the Northern Arctic Federal University occupies a special place. With advanced, high-tech infrastructure, experience in Arctic research, scientific developments, long-standing academic ties with leading schools in Arctic Council member countries and observer states, world-class Research and Education Center RUSSIAN ARCTIC, and partnerships with technology-intensive shipyards, pulp and paper industries, fisheries, logistics, and mining enterprises, NArFU stands as a driver of development in the Arctic region of Russia.

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