Higher school of information technologies and automated systems (NArFU)

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Higher school of information technologies and automated systems is one of NArFU’s major providers of education and research.

Mission: providing continuous, high-quality education and research, and implementing innovative, world-class developments in the field of mathematics, modern digital technologies and automated systems.

The School’s enrollment currently stands at 1,000, including international students. With ample knowledge in the field of modern digital technologies and automated systems, theу are prepared to deal with a whole range of strategic and applied tasks.

Fields of study :

  • Applied Mathematics and Information
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Applied Informatics
  • Information Security
  • Production Process Automation
  • Business Informatics
  • Teacher Training

NArFU Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems operates a number of laboratories and centers.

NArFU Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems offers a wide range of further education programs, with short-term courses and advanced training curricula.

At NArFU Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems, teaching goes hand in hand with serious research, involving faculty and students in research projects and conferences in Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and other countries.

International cooperation revolves around the research projects implemented under the programmed of the European Union and countries of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region, with international training programs as a special focus.

Four projects have been maintained since 2010 in cooperation with DAAD German Academic Exchange Service and Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences


Together with Norway’s Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Centre is working to create a remote training system for Arkhangelsk-based professionals in mental.

Two more projects deal with information technologies and have been made possible thanks to the EU-Russia CBC Programme KOLARCTIC.

One of the most vibrant venues for the IT youth is IT-Arkhangelsk. An annual international festival, its brings together school and university students in Russia and abroad, as well as their academic mentors. IT-Arkhangelsk has a diverse event programme that spans innovation-driven technologies and talent contests to encourage youth to pursue careers in IT, offering new «digital heights» to be conquered each new year International festivals and conferences

One more venue hosted by NArFU Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems is the International Youth Research-to-Practice Conference «High-Performance Grid Computing».

Its agenda covers a wide range of issues relating to multiprocessor computing systems and the possibilities they open in dealing with the current challenges facing science.

Students enjoy the opportunity to improve their skills by contesting in Worldskills — IT Software Solutions for Business, Internet of Things. Some get their ideas started through IT-Start school.

Students and teachers are regular participants and prize-winners of the Russian and international championships, hackathons, contests and competitions in Mathematics, Software Development, and Robotics.

The School’s graduate students pursue Information and Computer Technologies, a joint programme developed in cooperation with the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain).

Graduates pursue careers in some of the world-class companies including Intel, Huawei, and Yandex.

NArFU Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems enjoys a reputation as a provider of high-quality education in the field of advanced digital technologies and automated systems. With diverse research and innovation-driven agendas, as well as prestigious career paths for faculty and graduates, the School also enjoys the status of a source of skilled manpower for the leading industries operating in the RF Arctic Zone and entire country.

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