The role the Arctic Convoys played as part of the war effort cannot be overestimated. Using the shortest route for transporting vital cargoes to the Soviet Union, the first convoy arrived at the port of Arkhangelsk on August 31, 1941, escorted by six warships flying the British flag. Its codename, Dervish, was known to just a few people in Arkhangelsk at that time. Until 1944, the route followed by the Arctic Convoys would play a crucial role in supporting a second front in the Arctic and what became the most furious theater of naval warfare of WWII. The Arctic Convoys have gone down in the world’s history as a unique experience of cooperation between more than 40 nations and fleets in the fight against their common enemy – Nazism.

The history of the Arctic convoys is intertwined with that of the international relations and the agreements that underlay the exchange of the strategic cargoes between the USSR and its allies. These agreements relied on America’s Lend-Lease Act, 11 March 1941, and the Soviet-British Agreement on Exchange of Goods, Credit, and Clearing, 18 August 1941.

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    Call for Papers

    Northern Arctic Federal University is pleased to announce the International Conference «Lend-Lease and Arctic Convoys: From Regional Cooperation Towards Global Coalition» scheduled to take place on 30-31 August 2021 in Arkhangelsk, Russia, in the framework of the celebrations dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of the Allied Arctic Convoy DERVISH.

    Call for Papers

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    Northern Arctic Federal University

    Government of Arkhangelsk Oblast

    Russian Military History Society

    Russian Historical Society

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    Important Dates

    Febrary,15 2021 — registration deadline;

    12 April 12, 2021. — Deadline for presentations and papers;

    August, 30 - September, 1st 2021—  online translation of conference;

Scope of the Conference

  1. Strategy of the anti-Hitler coalition during the War;
  2. Role of the Lend-Lease policy;
  3. Political and historical context of the Northern Convoys history;
  1. Convoy operation management;
  2. Contribution of different nations to the convoy operations;
  3. Importance of the Northern Route for the victory.

Working Languages

Working Languages – Russian and English


30-31 August 2021
Arkhangelsk, Russia

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