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On board the research vessel Professor Molchanov

Monday August 5th was the start of an extraordinary expedition. 50 scientists, decision makers and representatives from the world of commerce will follow in the tracks of legendary polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen, exactly 100 years after he started his adventurous journey through Siberia.

On board the research vessel Professor Molchanov we will travel nearly 1600 nautical miles from Arkhangelsk to Dudinka and up the river Jenisej, where we will cast anchor on August 16th.

An adventure

The journey will be a floating seminar - with Norwegian and Russian experts sharing their knowledge on the Arctic, natural science, history, Russia, Nansen and Norwegian and Russian industrial and commercial interests.

It will be an adventure - in the wake of the great polar explorers. And we will share our impressions, knowledge and experiences on this blog and also on Twitter with the hashtag #nansentokt

Joint venture

This commemorative expedition is a joint venture between UiT The Arctic university of Norway, Norwegian Polar Institute and Northern Arctic Federal University in Arkhangelsk.


Participants of the 1913 expedition to Siberia, on board "Correct". Front row from the left: Fridtjof Nansen, Stephan Vasilievitsj Vostrotin, Owner of a gold mine and a member of the Duma, Johan Samuelsen, the captain of "Correct". Back row from the left: Jonas Lied, director of The Siberian Company and leader of the expedition, Josef Gregorievitsj Loris-Melikov, secretary of the Russian legation in Kristiania. (Foto: Nasjonalbiblioteket)

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