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Programme for Arkhangelsk region to launch
Programme for Arkhangelsk region to launch

Moscow, January 21, 2013. – The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO announces the launch of the integrated programme “Arkhangelsk Region Outlook: Strategy and Development Resources”. It was created by the SKOLKOVO Education Development Centre for the Arkhangelsk region government and Northern Arctic Federal University (NAFU).

The programme’s goal is to consolidate intellectual resources of the region’s key leaders and prepare teams for the realization of projects aimed at the Arkhangelsk region development. 50 region government’s and NAFU’s employees and representatives of local organizations will be participating in the programme. The majority of participants are executives while others are from the region’s managerial succession pool.

“The participants have to learn modern approaches for regional development and strategic planning”, says Denis Konanchuk, Head of the SKOLKOVO Education Development Centre. “They will also master different skills like project work, change management, resource planning, and they will learn how to work effectively as a team. The most important thing is to give them a clear concept of the region’s future development and ways to achieve its goals.”

The first module is scheduled for January 28 – February 1. It is dedicated to studying the Arkhangelsk region’s competitive advantages. During the studies the participants will meet international experts, ministers and governors to share experience and leading managerial skills.

The programme consists of six five-day modules that will take place from the end of January to the end of June at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. The Arkhangelsk region’s governor and the NAFU rector are going to take part in the elaboration of the region development proposals and discuss the groups’ intermediate results at the end of each module. Before the programme completion the participants will have to defend their projects in front of the region’s leaders.



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