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"The floating university" passed a half of the trip
"The floating university" passed a half of the trip
The project of the North (Arctic) Federal University «The floating university», which is taking place on the scientific and research ship «Professor Molchanov», passed a half of the trip. By the information given in the press-service of the university, the team has other 15 days of research work and new impressions.
Scientific work is being conducted actively on the ship. By the words of the head of the expedition Konstantin Bogolitsin, difficulty in work of researchers from «The floating university» is in so that students and professionals from scientific organizations having different approach to processing and analysis of data have to work in one team. By means of joint discussion they are making the new scientific approach, which would allow making the integrated picture of ecological system of the arctic region by joint efforts.
By the information given in the university, the original beginning of new history of study of seismic in the arctic region was laid in the process of the project. The first seismic station, which will stay there for one month, was installed on Cape Zhelaniya (the cape of wish). Under supervision of inspectors it will record unique information, which if exists today but only for military science and is secret. Seismic of the Arctic can give the wide range of data for many research directions, as it is noted in the press-service of the university.
As we should remind, the first scientific and practical trip of «The floating university» started on the 1st of June on the ship «Professor Molchanov». 25 best students of the North (Arctic) Federal University and about 20 scientific employees went to the expedition through the White Sea, the Barents Sea to Franz-Joseph Land and Spitsbergen. «Professor Molchanov» plans to come back to Archangelsk in the middle of July.


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