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Winds of change in Russia

- Our study visit to University of Nordland helps NARFU (Northern Arctic Federal University), one of 9 new Russian hub universities, develop its internationalization strategy, says Head of Academic Mobility, Lyudmilla A. Neymann. Winds of change are certainly blowing in Russia.

By Peter Glanfield

- Our new strategy involves stronger internationalisation, modernization, organization, and new study programs, as well as language competence improvement. Obviously co-operating with our 15-year old international partners helps us in this major change process. The government in Moscow lays down clear requirements and a timeline for the change, says Head of Academic Mobility, Lyudmilla A. Neymann.

The delegation from NARFU (Northern Arctic Russian Federal University) numbered 6 persons from several faculties and the International Cooperation Department.

Exchanging ideas

They have been visiting University of Nordland to exchange ideas and pick up ways of conducting international affairs in Norway. As an important member of the BCS-network, NARFU plays an active role in developing the Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies programme with student recruitment,amongst other matters, also on the agenda.

As well as Head of Academic Mobility at NARFU, Lyudmilla Neymann, the delegation consisted of:

  • Irina Kazina , BCS-programme coordinator
  • Lidia Syuzyukina the Vice-rector for International Co-operation's assistant
  • Evgeni Molodychenko, Vice- director for International Work at The Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication
  • Lyudmila Siluanova, Vice- Director for International Work at the Institute of Economics
  • Lidia Kriulya, Vice- director of International Work at the Institute of Pedagogical Pscychological and Social Work.
Program development

- It has been particularly interesting to study how new study programs are developed, as well as see how the International Office, The High North Centre, and the faculties work together and go about their daily business: student exchange, handling students, foreign language student preparation, etc., says Lyudmilla Neymann.

Challenging process

- Amalgamating different educational institutions is a challenging process of which we also have some experience, comments Director of The High North Centre at University of Nordland (UiN), Frode Mellemvik.

- I feel certain NARFU will tackle this process well, bringing the new hub university forward, not least in the field of internationalisation, student mobility, program development. We look forward to continued co-operation with NARFU in the coming years.

UIN already co-operates with NARFU, amongst other things, on the Master of Science programme in Sustainable Management and NAREC on the program "Business Practices in Norway". Here students from the university situated in Arkhangelsk come to Norway for the summer course.



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