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Chinese Olympic Committee: Sochi 2014 volunteers launch countdown: 1,000 days to go to the Paralympic Games

June 10, 2011, Russia — On June 11, 2011, volunteer centers will host festive events marking the countdown of 1,000 days to go before the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Sochi. Thousands of «Sochi 2014» volunteers will take part in scores of events mainly aimed at drawing the attention of Russian society to the problems of disabled people, and personally supporting such basic Paralympic values as courage, equality, dedication and inspiration. The winding of the innovative timepiece in Sochi will start the countdown to the Paralympic Winter Games opening. This symbolic event will be overseen by Mikhail Terentiev, the Secretary General of the Russian Paralympic Committee.

The 1000-days-to-go festivities will be hosted by 14 Russian cities, namely Sochi, Moscow, Krasnodar, Ufa, Novorossiysk, Pyatigorsk, Volgograd, Tver', Arkhangelsk, Saint Petersburg, Khanty Manssiysk, Omsk, Tomsk, and Kazan.

In Tomsk, Moscow, Sochi, Omsk and Kazan, a series of Paralympic lessons will be conducted. Volunteers from Kazan State Technological University will be teaching children with disabilities in one of the summer camps. The lesson will focus on the history of the Paralympic Games, the Paralympic Movement values and the prospects and opportunities for children to participate in Paralympic sports.

Volunteers from Volgograd, Khanty Manssiysk, Moscow, Arkhangelsk and Sochi will stage an event called «1,000 wishes to Paralympians». For this, the residents' and guests' of Arkhangelsk «best wishes» will be collected by volunteers from the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, and will then be used to make up a 5-minute documentary to be later presented to the Russian Paralympic Team.

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