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Youth unemployment theme for Nordic-Russian youth forum

Arkhangelsk hosted a forum for young politicians from Northwest Russia and the Nordic countries on 21 — 23 March. An important theme this tine was stronger action against youth unemployment which has risen after the financial crisis.

This year about 60 young politicians from Northwest Russia and the Nordic countries took part. The Nordic Council was represented by Helgi Hjörvar, Iceland, Johan Linander, Sweden and Thomas Jensen, Denmark. Minna Lindberg, Finland, President of the Nordic Youth Council, also spoke. Johan Linander was able to report that Sweden is ready to organise a new forum in 2012.

Helgi Hjörvar, member of the Nordic Council’s Presidium, will take the opinions from this year’s forum for young politicians to a roundtable discussion in Murmansk at the end of April, when the Nordic Council is meeting politicians from the State Duma in Moscow and from a number of regional parliaments in Northwest Russia.

During the actual meeting there was a visit from the Northern Arctic Federal University, which plays an important role in education and research in the north-western part of Russia. Many of the young politicians also managed to visit the area around Arkhangelsk, which was the first Russian port, founded over 100 years before Peter the Great began the building of St. Petersburg.

This is the third time the young politicians have met. The first forum for young politicians was set up on the initiative of young Russian politicians, who visited Norway and Sweden in 2008, with support from, amongst others, the Nordic Council of Ministers' InfoPoint in Murmansk. Therefore, it was held in Murmansk in 2009. The Norwegian Storting hosted the next one in Kirkenes in 2010.

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