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Narvik University College

Practical training of Norwegian students at the Northern Arctic Federal University

Currently Frank Arne Krogstad, Jon-Arne Fagerjord, and Eline Ramstad, students from the Narvik University college, are being trained in Arkhangelsk.

By: Svetlana Kuznetsova, Press centre of the Northern Arctic Federal University, Arkhangelsk, Russia.

They are carrying out experiments concerning energy performance in the so-called Norwegian House constructed in cooperation with the Northern Arctic Federal University (NArFU).

The project «Energy conservation in wooden houses in the North — West of Russia» and the cooperation between the Northern Arctic Federal University (until 2010 the Arkhangelsk State Technical University) and the Narvik University college have been developed since 2003. In order to study energy performance, technical installation, thermal comfort providing in cold climate conditions, it was decided to establish in Arkhangelsk a module Norwegian House built in accordance with the Norwegian constructing guidelines. The construction of the house was accomplished within two days in 2007. The building is equipped with technical installations and sensors. The project aims to develop low-cost energy efficient wooden housing for the Russian North.

— The Norwegian students have a very compressed timetable. They attend lectures and take Russian experts consultations, in particular about timber housing in Russia. Besides, they study to operate a thermograpy, the device for energy efficiency assessment of structures, — says Andrey Varfolomeev, graduate ofthe Arkhangelsk State Technical University, science officer of the Narvik University Сollege.

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