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Discrete and Mathematical Models

010400.68 «Applied Mathematics and Informatics»

Name of lecturer Ovsyannikova Natalya Igorevna

Umber of ECTS credits allocated: 3cr.

classroom load: 0,94 cr.

independent load: 1,06 cr.

Semester: 10th

The department of Applied Mathematics

The Institute of Mathematics, Information and Space Technologies

Type of course unit: Compulsory

Level of course unit: First cycle

Mode of delivery: Distance learning

Module «Discrete and mathematical models» is aimed at developing students' skills in research and modeling of complex dynamic systems and processes in nature, technology and society, with the help of equations (differential, difference, etc.). The importance of these skills is very high because the modeling makes it possible to investigate the system, analyze the various options for its behavior, make long-term forecasts without interfering with the system itself, and to experiment without material cost. At the stage of building a model is analyzed accuracy of the model, adequacy and sustainability for its further use. But people have always sought to find the best solution to the problem (maximum of profit, minimum of time, minimum of material costs), they want to control a process. Therefore it is important to teach students to build a driven model and look for the most optimal control of the system or process to achieve their aims.

This course covers a very interesting and important for our region matter: the modeling of Arctic ice, the modeling of growth of the forest, the dynamics of the epidemic, the modeling of fishing, the modeling of biological processes, etc.

The tasks typically are global and require not only powerful mathematical tools, but also programming skills and use of various mathematical packages for computer modeling. In module «Discrete and mathematical models» are proposed methods for the numerical approximation and algorithmic task, solution methods and interpretation of the results.


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