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Course description «Databases»
Content demands Detailed information and comments
Course Name Databases
Course and level: For Bachelors
Type of course The course is available as a single study course
Name of lecturer Evgeny Khaymin
Work Load 7 ECTS
Admission requirements, prerequisites
For this module, «Databases» a student must have an understanding of disciplines such as «Informatics», «Programming Languages», «Environmental engineering and expertise», «Modeling of Business-process». Know the basic principles of the theory of information modeling and to own their expertise in MS Office 2010.
Scientific content Module «Database» is dedicated to the study how to design, implement and use databases to maintain and manipulate data. Student will receive knowledge in areas such as Database model, Entire Relationship Databases and the basis of SQL.
Relevance to the study program
This course is the basis of knowledge in information systems, improve the understanding of information and data in our life. It is the background for studying other subjects such as «The IT-service and content management», «Information Systems Design», «Project
management», «Data warehouse» and others.
Learning skills The knowledge:
  1. The fundamental database concepts;
  2. The basis of Standard Query Language.
The skills:
  1. Developing and creating an entity relationship diagram for modeling a database;
  2. Writing and implementing basic queries formatted for specific output.
The competence:
  1. The ability to optimize information;
  2. To demonstrate conceptual design principles;
  3. To describe Business Intelligence/Decision Support Systems.
Education and working methods
The educational workload: Lectures — 42 h., workshop — 64 h.,
independent work — 83 h.
Forms and methods of monitoring and evaluation of learning outcomes:
  1. tests;
  2. checking homework;
  3. defense labs.
Final examination — exam, 27 h. of ind. work.
Exam and evaluation Face-to-face Exam.
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