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Report about trip to Finland by words of students from Master’s Program in Comparative

Social Work

This autumn was special. Trip to Lapland became a reality for 10 students of Pomor State University thanks to effective cooperation of Pomor and Lapland Universities.

The most appropriate word describing this event is ‘intensive’. Intensive course for 2 weeks, intensive sightseeing around Rovaniemi city... Course in Finnish language (well, intensive as well) made us ‘masters of Finnish verbs’, and lectures of Kyosti Urponen and Tarja Orasniemi let it possible to say now “We know about social work and policy abroad!”. We hardly found time to write Hello to those who waited for us at home.

Alexey Sivkov

Autumn is still the chief, but little pieces of ice sparkling with the sun rays remind that winter is coming. Mighty pines surround you. The road is slightly frozen and properly indulges a traveler making him free to contemplate the sky, a squirreljumping on the pine.

What I like in this city is its incredible ability to coexist with Mother Nature.   But no more time to rest, we continue the way to the university. Coming there, what we do the first – right! refresh ourselves with plenty of rolls,   buns, bilberry and cloudberry pies. You get well portion of supply of energy for the whole day!

Daria Chermenskaya

Trip to Finland… other world, other people, new knowledge and opportunities. Briefly and speaking volumes…

When you live and think that perfect life is a dream, when you get into the dream, you understand what the reality is. It feels in small things: food in the student canteen is of the best quality, design inand outside the University,   amicability and responsiveness of Finnish people.

What a magic nature, wood, fresh air, water, animals around the way! It makes my head whizz. But… feeling ofhomesickness is always withmeabroad.   Love to the mother land is running in our blood.

Tatiana Silinskaya

Our trip turned to be quite entertaining and useful event. We have such a chance to try ourselves in the flow of international social work not so often. During the study process, the most memorable was to learn so difficult Finnish language; after twoweek lectures we handled basics of the language! Lectures about Finnish society were interesting as well as philosophical paradigms of social work.

Big, wellequipped and comfortable library let us profit from a great variety of books and scientific journals.

Must to notice that educational part was accompanied by excellent organization of food and residence. In its turn, culturalprogram let us experience traditionalways of living in Finland, for example Arktikum showed so much interesting things.

In whole, the trip went on with a sense of joy, satisfaction. We understand how it is important to apply international experience in development of theory and practice of social work.

Irina Zavyalova

I enjoyed much time spent in University of Lapland. It fully answers needs of students. For example, lectures in Finnish took place in special auditoriums with modern equipment, microphones and headphones... We could speak in pairs while the teacher joined us at any moment. Teachers and professors are amazing. I would like to say separate thanks for their interesting lectures and uptodate information.

There is also a Student Union organization located in the University which functions as the same one in our home university. And I was highly impressed the successful way it worked and planned its activities.

One of the brightest impressions is a visit of Santa Village. It’s a surprise that Santa speaks even Russian and many other languages. We asked him did he know our Ded Moroz and his granddaughter Snegurochka and he answered that Ded Moroz’s his best friend, and Snegurochka “very good”in Russian.

Besides that, we visited museum “Arktikum”with its various and interesting exhibitions. We learnt from history and geography of Lapland area and Rovaniemi in the unique form of narration. I will remember it all my life!

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