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Кросс культурный тренинг по социализации

Course title: Cross-cultural Training: Socialization

Course code: Б3.В13

Type of course: compulsory

Level of course: Intermediate

Year of study: III

Semester/trimester: fall

Number of credits: 19

Name of lecturer: Olga Beznaeva, beznaeva@mail.ru

Objectives of the course: teaches students how to build good relationships with international clients and colleagues and conversation techniques enabling students to socialize and make business contacts. Explains organizational socialization as a process that repeats during a work career. Discusses the ethical and intercultural issues in organizational socialization.

Prerequisites: skills and knowledge gained from studying practical courses of English and theory of translation.

Course contents:

  • Making contact (makingarrangements, meeting visitors, talking about plans).
  • Welcoming visitors (talking about your company, offering refreshments, giving directions in a building). 
  • Getting acquainted (making small talk, talking about travelling, talking about personal possessions). 
  • Entertaining a visitor(showing a visitor around, talking about where you live, recommending things to do). 
  • Eating out(deciding what to order, thanking somebody for a meal). 
  • Networking at a trade fair starting a conversation with a stranger, talking about your company and products, following up a new contact).

Recommended reading:

  • Gore, S., Smith, D.G. Express Series: English for Socializing.
  • Powell, Mark. In Company. Intermediate (2nd edition).

Teaching methods: two-hour weekly lectures.

Conversational exercises introducing students to realistic relationship-building situations. Exercises in listening and reading.

Assessment methods:

students are evaluated based on their language skills and knowledge of class topics. A number of in-class assignments will be carried out in order to strengthen the students' oral English. Final examination includes oral tasks.

Language of instruction: English.

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