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Course title: Intercultural communication in the Barents Region

Course code: Bachelor’s program “Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication”


Type of course: compulsory

Level of course: intermediate

Year of study: 3rd

Semester: spring

Number of credits: 2

Name of lecturer: Elena Vorobyeva, PhD, vorobyeva@atknet.ru

Objectives of the course:

After completing the study module, the students will:

  • be able to obtain knowledge about social, cultural and intercultural aspects of the life in the Barents countries;
  • be aware of similarities and differences in behavior, values, and attitudes of people in neighboring countries;
  • develop intercultural skills for effective intercultural communication in the fields of education, business, tourism and interpersonal relations in the Barents region.


applicants are required to have at least pre-intermediate level of communicative competence in English and basic knowledge in the field of intercultural communication.

Course contents:

  • Contemporary Nordic society: Scandinavia and Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland); geography, some glimpses of history; languages; people;
  • Culture and traditions of the Nordic countries: mythology; modern art: literature, music, cinema, theatre, architecture; famous people; national traditions and holidays;
  • National and cultural characteristics of the Nordic countries and people: Nordic identity, national character, national mentality; the system of values and attitudes;
  • Ethnic stereotypes in the Barents region: Nordic people through the eyes of each other; similarities and differences in traditions, values, attitudes; ways of breaking cultural stereotypes in the course of intercultural communication;
  • Specific features of intercultural communication in the Barents region: prediction of possible intercultural problems; strategies of verbal and non-verbal behavior.

Recommended reading:

  • Derry T.K. A History of Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.- Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2005. - 447 р.
  • Finland: a cultural encyclopedia. - Ed. by Olli Alho.- Helsinki: Finnish Literature Society, 1999.- 352 p.
  • Gudykunst W.B., Kim Y.Y. Communicating with strangers. An approach to intercultural communication.-NY, The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2004.-468 p.
  • Johnsson, Hans-Ingvar. Spotlight on Sweden [Текст] : the country and its people / H.-I. Johnsson. - Vaernamo : Swedish Institute, 1995. - 240 р.
  • Lewis R.D. Finland, Cultural Lone Wolf: R. D. Lewis. -Boston: Intercultural Press, 2005.-227 p.
  • Kallio, Veikko. Finland [Текст] : a cultural outline / V. Kallio. - Porvoo : WSOY, 1994. - 214 p.
  • Суйккари, Раймо. Ваш друг Финляндия [Текст] = Your friend Finland / Р. Суйккари. - Эспоо : RKS Tietopalvelu Oy, 1997. - 96 с.
  • Ковалькова Л.П. Reading and talking about the Geography of Norway [Текст] : пособие по англ. яз. для студ. естественно-экологического фак. / Л.П. Ковалькова, Т.В. Лобовская ; Мин. образов. РФ, МГПУ. - Мурманск : МГПУ, 2004. - 126 с.

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