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Культурная антропология

Course title: Cultural Anthropology

Course code: Б.3 ДВ 2.

Type of course: Optional

Level of course: Advanced

Year of study: 3

Semester/trimester: fall

Number of credits: 3

Name of lecturer: Elena Belyaeva, alenabelyaeva@yahoo.co.uk

Objectives of the cours:

The course is intended to familiarize students with underlying theory and research on cultural anthropology, to heighten students’ awareness of culture in its various aspects, to offer strategies for minimizing miscommunication across cultures, and to contribute to the development of intercultural competence. Knowing other cultures enables students to develop insight into their own culture, and participate in multilingual communities and the global society.

Prerequisites: British and American Studies, Intercultural Communication.

Course contents:

  • Problems of up-to-date study of cultural phemonena on a systemic basis:
  • The complexity of Culture;
  • The Interdependence and Interaction of Language and Culture;
  • The Influence of Culture on World Outlook;
  • Identity Problems;
  • Cultural Symbolism;
  • Popular Culture;
  • Globalization and Multiculturalism;
  • Problems of Global Society.

Recommended reading:

  • Kottak C. Cultural Anthropology. McGraw Hill, 2004.
  • Strelkova S. Cultural Anthropology. Part I: Teaching resources. Arkhangelsk, 2006.
  • Belyaeva E. Cultural Anthropology. Part II: Teaching resources. Arkhangelsk, 2006.
  • Storey J. Cultural theory and popular culture. Prentice Hall, 2001.
  • Tomlinson J. Globalization and Culture. Polity, 2000.

Teaching methods:

  • lectures, seminars, student presentations
  • individually and/or in groups.

Assessment methods: Participation in class discussions, written test and final exam.

Language of instruction: English.

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