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The Department of Languages of Nordic Countries and Cross-cultural Scientific Communication

The department of languages of Nordic countries and cross-cultural scientific communication was founded in 2013, based on the department of modern languages and language pedagogy. The department specializes in linguistics, lingua didactics and teaching second foreign languages as a specialty and English for Master’s and postgraduate’s programs.

The department offers a unique chance to study North European languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Dutch. The staff of the department includes native-speaking lecturers as well as experienced lecturers from NARFU who studied in the Nordic partner universities.

The department realizes teaching and scientific projects with partner universities from Norway (University of Tromsø), Sweden (Stockholm University, Dalarna University), Finland (Lapland University), and the Netherlands (the Hague university).

The department of languages of Nordic countries and Cross-cultural scientific communication provides a Master’s Degree program in linguistics «Theory of Teaching Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region». The Master’s Degree qualifies graduates in linguistics and cross-cultural communication (focused on the Barents Euro-Arctic Region), who are ready for teaching and research activities in educational institutions of all levels including higher, postgraduate and additional professional education.


  • Foreign language (English for Master’s and postgraduate’s programs)
  • Practical course of the second foreign language (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Polish)
  • Country Studies (second foreign language)
  • Practice of translation (second foreign language);
  • Business English


  • Pechinkina Olga — Ph. D. (Pedagogy), Associate Professor in French and English, Head of the department
  • Borovikova Irina — Lecturer in Norwegian
  • Drannikova Natalia — Ph. D. (Philology), Professor in Dialectology
  • Kaczmarek Magdalena — Senior Lecturer in Polish
  • Konopleva Tatiana —Senior Lecturer in Swedish
  • Lapshina Evgenia — Lecturer in Norwegian and English
  • Magnusson Per Magnus Paul — PhD (Education), professor
  • Merzlaya Anna — Lecturer in Finnish
  • Nissinen Marianne— Senior Lecturer in Finnish
  • Ushakova Nina — Ph. D. (Language Pedagogy), Senior Lecturer in Swedish
  • Vepreva Tatiana — Ph. D. (Language Pedagogy), Associate Professor in English
  • Zashihina Inga — Ph. D. (Philosophy), Associate Professor in English
  • Zharova Galina — office manager
  • Loktev Eugeni y — office manager
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