Useful tips

You may have your meals either in the dormitory or in our local cafes. The cost of an average meal at our university canteen or in local cafes is around 200 roubles (4 Euro).

As for the tickets to concerts, museums and etc., it all depends on the place you go, but generally it is from 150 to 600 roubles (3 — 6 euro).

What to bring
Pocket money:
Besides the tuition fee and accommodation fee you will need money to buy food and to use public transport or taxi. The cost of one trip by bus is around 20 roubles, by a taxi — around 100 roubles. You may also want to buy some souvenirs to remember our city and our Summer School. There are many gift shops in Arkhangelsk where you can buy whatever you want.

Hampton Court outing

The Russian northern summer is unpredictable so please make sure students bring some warm clothes and a waterproof jacket as well as summer clothes. Students may also bring appropriate clothing for sporting activities.

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