Other conditions

Visa support and Registration

All foreign citizens, coming to the Russian Federation and planning to stay in our country fore more than 7 (seven) days have to be registered at their place of residence. For the period of the Summer School we register you at our dormitory, after the end of the school you will have to get reregistered within 7 days.

In order to help you with the Russian visa to visit our Summer School we issue official invitations from our university. The dates of your invitation from the Northern Arctic Federal University will be for the period of the Summer School + 2 days before and 2 days after the school (to cover travel time). For our applicants from EU countries the invitation is made within several days after we file your  documents (our Visa Support Form filled and a scanned copy of your passport). If you are not from an EU state, the process of issuing an invitation for you will take some more time (up to one month) and takes an additional sum of money (500 roubles = 10 Euro).
As soon as your invitation is ready we send you a scanned copy of it by e-mail. If the scanned copy is not enough for you, please, inform us in advance and we will send you the paper document via DHL.

Volunteer support

For your convenience we have a group of volunteers (students of our Institute) who will provide you with individual support during your stay in Arkhangelsk for the Summer School. They will contact you and provide you with the information necessary ​for your arrival. The will meet you at the airport and organize the transport as well.

Course Fee

The tuition fee is paid in cash upon your arrival and after you have been assigned to a study group. The course fee does not cover travel costs, accommodation costs, lunch costs. The Russian visa is free for our Summer School students.

Payment is made in Russian roubles, that’s why you will need to exchange currency (the service is available in all local banks). Payment by bank transfer is not accepted.

Hampton Court outing

Changes to the course programme

Course programme details are published in good faith and we reserve the right to make changes if necessary.

Refunds and Cancellations

You have the right at your discretion to cancel your participation in our Summer School at any time after filling in the application form. For your comfort and our convenience we h2ly recommend to inform us about your application cancellation as soon as possible. We reserve the right to retain your course fee payment if you abort your participation in our Summer School after paying the tuition fee. 


Summer School of Russian Language and Culture does not accept liability in the case of illness, accidental damage to personal effects or property.  We recommend that all students take out insurance.


Good behaviour is essential during the whole stay.  Continual misbehaviour could result in expulsion of the student.  Course and accommodation fees are not refunded in this case. Students will have to pay for any damage they cause to the school premises or at their accommodation.


Students must attend all classes.  If a student is ill or cannot come to school he or she must inform us as soon as possible. 

Mobile phones

Students must ensure that all mobile phones are switched off during classes.  Making or answering calls is not permitted during lessons.

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