About our Summer School of the Russian Language and Culture

Why learn Russian in Arkhangelsk?

Summer School of the Russian Language and Culture at Northern Arctic Federal University is a unique chance to start learning Russian from scratch or improve your existing knowledge in authentic Russian North settings. What is so special about learning Russian in Arkhangelsk? Special is the fact that unlike large modern cities Arkhangelsk is the place where you can experience «the real Russia» that has not been westernized, the Russia which can be found only in remote locations.

It may be that this unique geographical and historic setting of Russian North is the very reason why the place has become a major attraction for domestic and international tourists. Visitors have always admired our nightless nights or Midnight Sun, traditional Russian lifestyle, wood architecture, orthodox heritage, and famous Russian cloisters. Arkhangelsk is proud to be the first sea port of Russia founded by Peter the Great.

Arkhangelsk is the place where cultural and historic landmarks go side by side with modern cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes. Arkhangelsk is the home of two major universities — Northern Arctic Federal University and Northern State Medical University which is why students abound the place.

Hampton Court outing

What are the highlights of academic program in Arkhangelsk?

— Students can select the courseʼs level of complexity to fit their specific needs and capabilities;
— Small groups (10 people or less);
— Customized solutions for each individual student coupled with authentic language material;
— High-qualified and trained teachers with strong background in teaching Russian to foreign students in Upper Alsace University, France;
— Experienced teachers of northern folklore.
— authentic culture of the Russian North;
— «White nights» and the unique northern nature;
— the annual festival of street theatre performances;

— friendly volunteer assistants and hospitality of the Northern Russia.

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