Мультилингвизм: Европейское измерение в языковой политике и преподавании


Цель проекта: Повышение интереса к европейским исследованиям в области языковой политики и образования посредством исследований и образовательной деятельности, а именно через разработку модуля «Multilingualism: the EU Dimension in Language Policy and Education». 

Сроки реализации: 2016-2019.

Результаты проекта:

  • укрепление знаний о ЕС в целом и языковой политике и образовании в ЕС в частности,

  • рост интереса к научной и образовательной деятельности в отношении ЕС среди студентов и сотрудников САФУ, а также молодых ученых из других регионов и стран ЕС.

«Multilingualism: the EU Dimension in Language Policy and Education»

The goal of the project is to foster interest on EU studies in the field of language policy and education through research and educational activities, specifically the development of the module «Multilingualism: the EU Dimension in Language Policy and Education».

The academic module «Multilingualism: the EU Dimension in Language Policy and Education» is to be developed for students of NArFU bachelor programs in Humanities. The aim of the course is to provide students with general knowledge of the EU language policy in its linguistic unity and diversity, as well as to present innovations and best practices in EU language education. The course will consist of three parts:

  • Multilingualism in the EU: linguistic unity and linguistic diversity;

  • Language education policy in the EU;

  • Practical issues: The EU countries profiles in language policy and education.

The academic course will be given for three academic years (per 54 hours) during the project lifetime.

The project will include 2 workshops for university and school teachers and a conference for young researchers «Multilingualism in the EU: Enhancing Learning, Innovation and Employability».

Expected results — the strengthening knowledge on the European Union in general and EU language policy and education. We also expect the growing interest in scientific and educational activities related to the EU among not only NArFU students, but also NArFU academic staff involved to the project implementation and young researchers from other regions and EU countries. As the result of project implementation research articles and teaching materials will be published.

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