Mission & goals

Mission of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov consists in creating innovative scientific and human resources for the purposes of intellectual exploration of the Russian North and Arctic.

Russia lacks experts and technologies for the development of its Arctic area, its continental shelf and infrastructure. The University creates conditions necessary to support the industrial projects being launched in the polar region with personnel and technologies. Apart from skill development, it offers education in social and humanitarian field of studies.

The University’s core activities include:

1. High technologies and science intensive sectors and industries

  • Development of innovative technologies for recovery of hydrocarbons
  • Research of maritime arctic technologies
  • Exploration of the Arctic Ocean

2. Development of local infrastructure in the Arctic region

  • Building engineering in a cold climate environment
  • Engineering of the Oil and gas pipelines
  • Elevation of the Energy efficiency
  • Carrying scientific research and creating human resources for the use of Northern Maritime Route as an international transport corridor according to national interests of Russia

3. Range use of bio-resources

  • Development of innovative ways for value-added production of biopolymers
  • Use of environmental technologies, forest harvesting and transportation machines
  • Improvement of machines and woodworking processes
  • Use of non-wood forest products

4. Development of Northern (Polar) medicine and health protection

  • Development and implementation of the new methods and means of prevention,
  • diagnostics and correction of health;
  • Study of ecological and physiological aspects of health and safety in the Arctic
  • Adaptation of people and animals to the Arctic weather conditions;
  • Development of health care technologies and health and safety standards in the Arctic

5. Environmental protection

  • Creation of environmental and health-care monitoring system;
  • Establishing effective ecological safety system in the European North region and the Arctic.

6. Socio-humanitarian issues in the European North and the Arctic

  • Scientific, educational and information support of the State policy in further exploration and stable ethnical social and cultural development of the circumpolar territories, and establishing region’s place in the world;
  • Providing health and safety environment for Northern inhabitants and creating human resource.