Implemented Projects

International project "Tempus "Actions of Lifelong Learning addressing Multicultural Education and Tolerance in Russia" (ALLMEET)"

Project objective: To contribute to the quality of activities of higher education organizations in the Russian Federation in the field of cultural integration. Project duration: 2013-2017.

International project ALIGN: Achieving and checking the alignment between academic programmes and qualification frameworks

Wider Objective: Enhance the intelligibility, consistency and transferability of qualifications through establishment of mechanisms for HEIs to achieve alignment of academic programmes with NQFs and for QA agencies to check such alignment. 

Project duration: 2013-2017

International summer school "Forest zone of Central-European mountains"

Project objective:

Organization of field practice for students - participation in the international summer school

The Discipline of Societal Security in the Making: Let's Make It Together!

Project objective:    

To launch an institutionalized cooperation between educational and research institutes from the Nordic countries and Russia in the field of Societal Security, dealing with all-hazard risk and crisis management, in such areas as natural, man-made and technological hazards.

Joining Creativity

Specific objectives:

  • To identify creative industry business opportunities with the aim to boost the business in the region,
  • To facilitate new ways of cooperation between business and academia by elaborating recommendations for business,
  • To increase information exchange and networking between Nordic and North-West Russian businesses and authorities,
  • To spread the information about creative industries in Nordic countries and Russia.

Project duration: 2016 — 2017

NArFU’s International Summer University

Project objective:

Reflects the existing global trends in higher education related to attracting international students in the framework of short-term programs and courses. The project is based on the University 10-year experience of hosting and organizing annual summer educational platforms for Russian and international participants interested in various fields.

Project duration:  since 2016

Byzantinische Tradition der Leiter zum Paradies des Hl. Johannes Klimakos

Project objective:  Research work:  “Leiter zum Paradies'' des Johannes Klimakos. Katalog der slavischen Handschriften”  

Project duration: 2015-2017

The development of welfare policy in Norway and Russia in a socio-cultural perspective with the focus on the North

Project objective: Learning of new documents and materials in Russia and Norway, writing articles and books

Project duration: 2008 — 2017

Holding academic activities with foreign students on Russian language as foreign

Project objectives:  

  • To teach Russian language and literature at Université de Haute-Alsace

Project duration: 2013

Research of patterns and mechanisms of influence of the nanoparticles on human health in the industrial production and application of nonmetallic nanomaterials for construction

Project objective:

  • To create new materials based on the matrix of plant origin, reinforced by nanodispersed mineral filler. Presumably, this material will have high environmental compatibility, strength, water resistance, increased fire resistance.
  • To develop technological approaches for creation new environmentally friendly composite nanomaterials.

Project duration: 2016-2017.

Barents Summer PhD School

Project objective:  

  • To organize young researchers and experts from the Northern universities for the PhD course (keynote lectures, workshops, interactive sessions and site visits).

Project duration: 2014-2017

M-Lab Global: the international learning and innovation lab for mobile apps

Expected results: Increasing of students competence in teaching and innovation laboratory, where they develop innovative Apps in small teams, under real conditions and tight project deadlines, for real customers from industry, society and the public sector.

Forestry Summer School Project

Project objectives:

  • 1. Competence development and elaborating solutions to common problems in the topic forest management in Northern Europe and the Arctic region with special emphasis to conservation of taiga forests
  • 2. Strengthening educational and research links between the regional higher education institutions of Russia and Norway (specifically Northern Arctic Federal University, NArFU in Russia and Nord-Trondelag University College, HiNT, Norway) as well as opening the collaboration to other private and public entities and the public in general
  • 3. Disseminating and create awareness on the above mentioned topic that is already scarcely known by the big public.

Implementation period: 2016

Healthy food and lifestyle choices in the Arctic

Project objectives:

  • Contribute to a more healthy diet in a changing Arctic through bringing scientists and stakeholders from Norway, Finland and Russia together

Internationalization as a Resource of Barents Region Development

Project objectives:

  • Exchanging best practices of internationalization
  • Developing agenda and concrete mechanisms for meeting the BEAC JWGER tasks prioritized in the JWGER Mandate and Resolution, including strengthening academic cooperation and development of mobility programmes in the Barents Region
  • Developing Concept Action Plan of education and research of the Barents Region
  • Mapping out synergy potentials of the BEAC JWGER and the University of the Arctic
  • Increasing effectiveness of communication between the higher education internationalization process stakeholders within the Barents Region

Modern Entrepreneurship and Territorial Development in Rural Areas

To contribute to the innovative territorial development of the participating Nordic and North-West Russian regions through enhancement of economic cooperation and trade between the Nordic Countries and the North-West Russia.

Nordic – Russian Green Growth Arena

The purpose of the umbrella project is to implement green growth development principles in the North-west Russian regions and municipalities based on Nordic experience.

Renewable Energy in Northwest Russia

To investigate potential of further use of hydro and tidal power, wind and bioenergy in the Barents Region of Russia and Northern Europe. Introducing modern technologies and attracting investments to the region should become the next step in supporting local economy, making it more sustainable and less dependent on imported fuels.

Creative Industries Networking Points

To create favorable conditions for dialogue and cooperation between key drivers in creative industries sector in North-West Russia.

Entrepreneurship Program — Young Entrepreneurs

The goal of the Program is to exchange experience and case studies how to start and develop business in Russia and in Norway. Practical training in entrepreneurship and business development.