Implemented Projects

Kluchi 2.0

Goal: assistance in inclusion of people with disabilities to creativity and improvement of specialists’ competences.

Project duration: 2018.

Short-term educational program “Island’s Ecosystems of Northern Dvina delta and Solovetsky Archipelago”

Goal: organization of international summer school for Polish and Russian students – biologists and ecologists in Arkhangelsk and Solovetsky Islands.

Project duration: 2018.

ID_City: Social urbanism workshop in Arkhangelsk (Russia) for Dutch and Russian students

Goal: to provoke innovative types of interaction between citizens and the city and develop new local identity.

Project duration: 2018.

International project "Tempus "Actions of Lifelong Learning addressing Multicultural Education and Tolerance in Russia" (ALLMEET)"

Project objective: To contribute to the quality of activities of higher education organizations in the Russian Federation in the field of cultural integration. Project duration: 2013-2017.

International project ALIGN: Achieving and checking the alignment between academic programmes and qualification frameworks

Wider Objective: Enhance the intelligibility, consistency and transferability of qualifications through establishment of mechanisms for HEIs to achieve alignment of academic programmes with NQFs and for QA agencies to check such alignment. 

Project duration: 2013-2017

“Living Earth”

Project objective:

  • to increase the visibility of legacy ‘at home’,
  • to contribute to further conversation on the topics addressed by the commissioned artworks;
  • to increase the impact of artistic output for the Norwegian and Russian arts on academic field and the wider audience in general.

Project duration: 2018.

Encouraging Youth Dialogue on Clean Energy and Climate

Project objective: to encourage dialogue on clean energy and climate change among students and young professionals in the Nordic countries and North West Russia. 30 participants will be recruited to develop business based solutions to environmental challenges in clean energy and climate. The project partners together with Nordic and Russian experts will identify and select appropriate case studies for the participants to work on. A dedicated summer school will be held in Arkhangelsk and the Kenozero National Park where experts will share their knowledge and expertise with the youth to analyze specific cases. The participants will present their findings at the youth forum in Arkhangelsk

Foster family for elderly people in remote areas

Project objective: Research of social innovations concerning the elderly people on the local communities level.

Project duration: 2017-2018

International scientific-research project Russia and Sweden: scientific researches and international cooperation

Project objectiveCooperation in the field of language studies, translation and multicultural communication with Swedish universities and organizations

Project duration: 2017-2018.

International summer school "Forest zone of Central-European mountains"

Project objective:

Organization of field practice for students - participation in the international summer school

Professional communication in Eurasian context

Project objective: To popularize Chinese language and culture

Project duration: 2014-2018.

”Homo ludens”: Man lærer så lenge man leker/ Homo ludens:  We live while we play

Project objective:

To improve the quality of teaching when acquiring a foreign language, focusing on creative methods.

History of neighbour - Norwegain-Russian students-journalists project

Project objective:
  • To increase knowledge in the field of journalism, the realities of the neighboring country through cooperation, meetings with people, lectures and seminars;

  • To maintain strong relationship between representatives of Norwegian and Russian media and to create conditions for future joint projects.


Project objectives:

  • To exchange knowledge around courses organization;
  • To master new equipment;
  • To carry out the master’s degree programme "IT in medicine and social  spheres”;
  • To organize joint research seminars (NArFU- National center for telemedicine (Tromsø));
  • Joint surveys;
  • To hold master level students’ practices.

Project duration: 2015-2017

Going Arctiс by shared knowledge

Project objective:

To create and develop networking tools to facilitate involvement of British and Russian institutions into the Arctic global research community

Project Financier:  FCO Strategic Programme Fund, The British Embassy in Moscow

Project duration: 2017-2018 

Circumpolar etnography

Project objectives:

  • To develop the UArctic thematic network application to be submitted and endorsed in 2018;
  • To define priority topics and cooperation directions relevant for all project partners;
  • To create a platform for future network activities (joint field schools, joint modules/courses in existing MA programmes);
  • To start development of the next application for external funding.

Project duration: 2017-2018

Anthroponymika des deutschsprachigen Internet-Raums

Ziel: Erweiterung der theoretischen und praktischen Basis der Forschung mittels der Heranziehung von deutschen Literaturquellen und Kollegen; Durchführung vom linguistischen Experiment mit deutschsprachigen Muttersprachlern; allseitige wissenschaftliche Zusammenarbeit, Beratung und Kooperation mit deutschen Kollegen; Popularisierung vom erforschten Thema und seine Darstellung unter der wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft von BRD und RF.

Project duration: 2015-2017

Bridging Libraries Across Borders: Towards New Vision and Role in Society

Project objective:

  • mutual enrichment with knowledge, practices, concepts,methodologies to approach new vision and role in society in order to form the integrated public space meeting different users’ needs (children, teenagers, students, specialists, adults, silver-age, families, people with special needs, business, etc.).

Project duration:  2017-2018

Erasmus Plus Academic Mobility with Masaryk University, Chech Republic

Project objective:

  • To encourage effective academic mobility and staff exchanges,
  • To create opportunities for cooperation in the field of educational and research activities,
  • To harmonise the educational process in accordance with international standards and trends,
  • To change educational standards and to integrate international programmes into the curriculum

Project duration: 2015 –2017

EULPE — Multilingualism: the EU Dimension in Language Policy and Education

Project objective:  

  • To foster interest on EU studies in the field of language policy and education through research and educational activities, specifically the development of the module “Multilingualism: the EU Dimension in Language Policy and Education”.

Project duration: 2016-2019.