UArctic Research Office

The establishment of the University of the Arctic Research Office in Arkhangelsk, Russia was a follow-up to the UArctic Council request in 2007 based on a primary idea to strengthen cooperation among the member institutions. The Research Office was opened in September 2011, during the Second Arctic international forum "The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue."

Together with UArctic administrative offices located in North America and Europe, the Research Office in NArFU is aimed at networking and development of international cooperation.
The following activities of the Research Office were identified as priorities:

• to support cooperation between Russian, European and North American members of the University of the Arctic;
• to spread information about UArctic activities, including projects and events organized by the Russian members of the consortium;
• to participate in the preparation and submission of research applications for funding in the private and public funds;
• to promote the integration and exchange of knowledge obtained by Russian and international researchers in the global context of the Arctic science development.

Research Office will continue to promote UArctic involvement in research initiatives and will serve to consolidate UArctic members’ capacity.

University of the Arctic is an international network of universities, colleges and research institutes involved in education and research in the circumpolar North. The consortium includes more than 170 higher education institutions and other organizations located in the Arctic countries: Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Greenland and the United States (Alaska). The University also includes research and educational institutions in non-Arctic countries: China, the UK, South Korea, France, Japan, Belgium and Mongolia.

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Research Office Team:

Marina Kalinina,
Rector’s Advisor on International Cooperation / UArctic Vice-President Interregional cooperation

Tel: +7 8182 216160

Daria Vlasova

UArctic Research Office Manager
Tel: +7 8182 412825

Svetlana Kartseva

UArctic Research Office Manager 
Tel: +7 8182 412825

Contact Information:

Tel: +7 8182 412825
Naberezhnaya Severnoy Dviny, 17, office 1323A, 163002 Arkhangelsk, Russia

Updated 18.05.2020