The college annually holds Lomonosov readings for the teachers and students and Lomonosov scientific and pedagogical readings for pedagogues. The students and teachers make reports on local and regional Lomonosov readings. During 2010-2017 our students have become winners of several academic competitions:

  • V All-Russian Open Competition of achievements of talented young people “National achievement of Russia”;
  • All-Russian contest dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Lomonosov – “Lomonosov readings” in St. Petersburg;
  • VI international contest “Mathematics and Design”;
  • An international competition “Future aces of 3D computer modelling” held by Ascon group;
  • Russian correspondence competition “Intellectual and creative marathon”;
  • An international Internet contest on basic sciences held by the Ural University and the House of Teachers;
  • The regional subject Olympiad for NP and ACT students held by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Arkhangelsk region;
  • All-Russian distant competition “Philosophy”;
  • City’s contest in the Internet searching “From school to the workshop”;
  • II All-Russian competition “Construction of buildings and facilities”;
  • II All-Russian distant competition “Communication Psychology”;
  • All-Russian distant competition “Measurements and Standards”;
  • All-Russian online competition on Informatics and ICT;
  • II All-Russian distant competition “Information technologies in professional activities”;
  • 1st stage of the all-Russian skills competition for specialities of secondary professional education: 08.02.01 “Construction and use of buildings and facilities”, 15.02.08 “Mechanical engineering”, 23.02.03 “Motor transport maintenance”.

The quality of learning and interest in the educational process of the future specialists is formed during the preparation and participation in various scientific conferences:

  • Theoretical and Practical conference “Integrated automation design and technological preparation of engineering production using CAD VERTICAL” held by Sevmash together with Russian Engineering union;
  • City’s Youth Scientific Conference “Worthy descendants of Lomonosov” dedicated to the 300th anniversary of M.V. Lomonosov;
  • X Theoretical and Practical Student Conference of NarFU based on the Forestry College;
  • Regional Interuniversity Scientific Conference “Modern Welding Production in Russia and abroad: health and environmental aspects of improvement of the means of protection”;
  • Regional Theoretical and Practical Conference for students and teachers of secondary professional education organizations in Arkhangelsk region “Science and industry in the service of shipbuilding and ship repairing: traditions and innovations”.
Updated 11.04.2017