Main directions and specialties of education

  1. Specialty “Welding”, qualifications “Technician”, “Senior Technician”, “Welding engineer”.
    The specialists and technicians are prepared to work in enterprises of research institutes and design organizations. They are trained to ensure fulfillment of technological processes, welding and hull works.

  2. Speciality “Mechanical Engineering”, qualifications “Technician”, “Specialist in mechanical engineering”.
    The specialists and technicians are prepared to work in mechanical and mechanical assembly shops, laboratories, departments of engineering controls and other departments of enterprises, as well as in research institutes. They can be direct organizers of the production process in the shop, on the site or in the team; they can also ensure fulfillment of technological processes.

  3. Specialty “Shipbuilding”, qualifications “Technician”, “Specialist in shipbuilding.
    Specialists and technicians are ready to do the primary processing of shipbuilding materials, assembling and formation of sections on ship hulls and other marine equipment. They can also repair or dispose of vessels and ships in shipyards, scientific research and design organizations of shipbuilding profile.

  4. Specialty “Installation and maintenance of marine machinery”, qualification “Technician”.
    The technician can work in factories, scientific research institutes and design organizations to maintain installation and repair works as a technician or assistant foreman.

  5. Specialty “Operation of ship electrical equipment and automatic machinery”, qualification “Technician-Electrician”
    The technician works with electrical equipment of various types of water transport, technological equipment and manufacturing, technical processes of production, operation, maintenance and repair of systems and devices.

  6. Specialty “Maintenance and repair of road transport”, qualification “Technician”
    The occupational field of a graduate includes maintenance and repairs of road transport as a technician in the enterprises and organizations of the motor complex, design and technological organizations, transport and auto repair businesses.

  7. Specialty “The construction and operation of buildings and structures”, qualification “Technician”
    The occupational field of a graduate includes designs, construction, maintenance and reconstruction of civil, industrial and other types of buildings.

Updated 11.04.2017