Today the college is a modern institution of vocational education, offering educational programs in 7 specialties. The college comprises an academic building and several training facilities. The academic building includes over 50 lecture halls, a gym, a library and a canteen. The innovative technologies are being introduced through the extensive use of 5 computer labs equipped with interactive boards, 13 multimedia classrooms, a conference hall with a multimedia complex, a reading room with Internet access. The training facilities are equipped with cutting-edge metal-working, vehicle-repair and welding machinery, ranking top among the vocational training institutions of the Arkhangelsk Region.

Studying at the College is not only interesting but also prestigious. One of the priorities of the College development is the participation of its students in World Skills professional championships. Together with Severodvinsk’s large industries the College has been implementing a project aimed at employer-sponsored education of the students. The College actively collaborates with such large companies as “Sevmash”, “Zvyozdochka”, “Arktika”, “Severny Reid”, “Onega”.

The campus life is not all about lectures. The students are free to engage in the social and sports activities at the College, including sports clubs, amateur talent groups, participation in various competitions and the activities of search parties, etc.

How to get information about admission:

Address: office 206a; 36, Arkhangelskoye shosse, Severodvinsk
Telephone: +7 (8184) 53-95-60, answer phone +7 (8184) 53-95-69 ext. 3650


Updated 11.04.2017