About Сollege

1939 (July 8) — on the 8th of July a shipbuilding Technical School was established in Molotovsk, intended to provide a plant No. 402 with skilled staff.  250 students - future shipbuilders, specialists in cold working of metals and ship machinery and mechanisms entered the educational establishment.

1961 — the Technical School was renamed into the Severodvinsk Polytechnic School. For the first time a correspondence department was opened.

1969 —the Department of Naval Training was established in Polytechnic School. For 15 years of its existence it has graduated 1,380 stripers.

1991 — the Technical School achieves the status of the Severodvinsk Technical College. This stage of its life lasted exactly 20 years, until STC was included in the NArFU named after M.V. Lomonosov in 2011.

The technicians in the field of defense and civil engineering, construction and transportation are highly demanded today by the United shipbuilding corporation and the city’s infrastructure. More than 70% of our graduates work in the enterprises of the USC, in construction or transport companies or housing services companies of the city of Archangelsk region. The college implements a program of continuing education, 40% of students participate in this program and continue their education in NArFU or in the universities of St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl – most of them take part-time and extramural courses.

The college is known for the quality of its graduates that have excellent theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Updated 11.04.2017