In 2013 the Institute of Natural Sciences and Biomedicine conducts undergraduate and graduate educational programs.

The students of 2-5 year of education may receive an additional qualification “Translator in the field of professional communication”.

Graduates of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Biomedicine are skilled for research, design, manufacturing activities, control and auditing, administrative and educational activities. Graduates of all directions are able to participate in the environmental field expeditions; they can also work in the environmental laboratories, computer centers and in the institutions of environmental management.

The institute comprises the following departments:

  • Department of physics
  • Department of geography and environmental geoscience
  • Department of zoology and ecology
  • Department of chemistry
  • Department of biology and ecology of man
  • Department of botany and general ecology
  • Department of general physics
  • Department of theoretical physics
  • Department of computer science, computer engineering and methods of teaching computer science
  • Department of environmental physiology and biochemistry
  • Department of age-specific physiology and valeology (of medical sciences).

Our graduates are demanded in various fields:

  • In federal and regional bodies of nature protection and environmental management (Ministry of Natural Resources and other environmental agencies and institutions of Russia).
  • In the institutions of the Ministry of Regional Development, Russian Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters, Ministry of Communications and Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Construction and Housing and Communal Services, Ministry of Health and Social Development, Ministry of Culture, Federal Agency for Education, Ministry of Agriculture and subordinate federal agencies and services.
  • In the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of Russia.
  • In local authorities of Russia and municipalities.
  • In mass-media.
  • In public organizations and funds.
  • In services of control and management of personnel (enterprises, organizations and institutions of all types of property, educational institutions, correctional system etc.)

A graduate of the institute has the ability and skills to work with modern computer equipment and software.

Updated 12.05.2013