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Institute of Natural Sciences and Biomedicine

Complex studies of processes of the formation, steady functioning and preservation of nature of the Arctic region and areas of taiga zone:

  • Studying and modeling of physical and chemical, geochemical and geophysical properties of the environment of the North and its change under anthropogenic impact
  • Modeling of physical processes and systems in the Arctic region
  • Studying disperse water-bearing media at subzero temperatures
  • Developing a safe high-speed wireless network construction technique
  • Studying the biological variety and providing complex nature studies of the North for efficient use of bio-resources
  • Forming the eco-analytical control system of the environment
  • Studying morphological, functional and psycho-physiological potential of the Arctic region population
  • Revealing and prevention of early forms of drug addiction

Lyudmila Morozova, Director, Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences

Tel.: 8 (8182) 68-27-80

Svetlana Lukina, Deputy Director on International Cooperation

Mob.: 8 921 241 60 99
Mob.: 8 952 304 88 90

  • Department of Zoology and Ecology

Biodiversity and Ecology of the North European Russia animals

  • Fauna and ecology of birds living in the urban landscapes in the Northern Russia. Studying the mechanisms of environmental adaptation of birds living in large settlements; long-term (100 years) dynamics of changes in the fauna of birds under the influence of human and transformation of the phenology of some species of birds under the influence of global climate change at high latitudes
  • Ecology of bees on the Solovetski archipelago and floodplains of major rivers of the Arkhangelsk region. Studying long-term trends in the population dynamics of bumblebees on the Solovetski archipelago, environmental compensation mechanisms of low taxonomic diversity in the context of island isolation and structure of the bumble bees fauna in the valley in the presence of dynamic migration flows.
  • Environmental mechanisms of ground beetles development in high latitudes and environmental adaptations. Studying the seasonal dynamics of the demographic structure of populations of beetles, the latitudinal variation of the species life cycles of this taxon in the Northern Europe, the spatial distribution of ground beetles in different regions of taiga and tundra.

Boris Filippov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor.

  • Department of Botany and General Ecology
  • Biodiversity in natural, urban and industrial landscapes of the European North. Studying:
    • The structure of plant populations. In case of vascular plants and moss populations — size, density, spatial distribution of the species, age structure, vitality and trends in dynamics. The main objects — Pulsatilla patens, Iris sibirica, Epipogium aphyllum, Cipripedium guttatum, Neskera pennata.
    • Flora, Bryoflora and lihenobiota of the Arkhangelsk region. Inventorying and mapping of habitats, especially chorological study of the structure, patterns of ecological affinity of individual species. New research field — the study of invasive species (e.g. Heracleum sosnovskii). The main areas of research — the White Sea-Kuloyskoe Plateau, Eastern and Central parts of the region, in addition, NAO and the archipelago of Franz Josef Land.
    • Environmental monitoring of technologically-transformed ecosystems in the Arctic, tundra and taiga. (based on the example of former military sites in Franz Josef Land, oil and gas fields of the NAO, mining and processing plant for the extraction of diamonds, areas of intense logging). The main research field — the study of vegetation patterns demutatsy.
    • Micro-cloning of plants. Morpho-anatomical and physiological adaptations of plants to adverse environmental conditions. The study of reactions of the photosynthetic apparatus, fluctuating asymmetry, the anatomical structure of wood.

Elena Churakova, PhD in Biology Associate Professor

  • Department of Chemistry
  • Biogeochemical evaluation of soil and vegetation cover in the Arkhangelsk region:
    • content determination of nutrients, pollutants (heavy metals, several non-metals and petroleum products) in soils and plants;
    • environmental mapping of the city using GIS technology;
    • evaluation of enzymatic activity of soils;
    • methane fermentation research

Ella Shvakova, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor

  • Department of Physiology and Morphology of Human
  • Studying psycho-physiological, morphological and functional status of human:
    • Limiting influence of eco-climatic factors of subpolar region on the rates of child development
    • Defining rRisk factors at early stages of child development
    • Developing recommendations to correct and compensate difficulties of adaptation.
    • Studying brain activity at different physiological states of human

Natalia Zvyagina, PhD in Biology, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 921 2413572

  • Department of General Physics
  • Modeling physical processes and the systems occurring in the Arctic region:
    • Studying time dynamics of snow cover properties
    • Studying peculiarities of ice development on the sea surface
  • Studying water-bearing disperse media at subzero temperatures:
    • Studying admixture effects on the properties of frozen disperse media
    • Studying properties of water-bearing disperse media on the basis of nano-sized silica

Leonid Shestakov, Doctor of Physics, Professor


  • Department of Physics
  • Physical properties of substances and transport phenomena in thermo-dynamically non-equilibrium systems

Andrey Anikin, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: 8 (8182) 21-61-27

  • Applying active forms and methods of education in the course of General Physics, improvement of knowledge evaluation forms and methods

Marina Berdennikova, PhD in Physics, Professor

Tel.: 8 911 6825189

  • Department of Theoretical Physics
  • Non-perturbative inelastic processes and the energy loss at the motion of heavy structural ions in different environments
  • Sputtering of metals in the form of nano-particles and clusters under ion bombardment
  • Inelastic processes and radiation of atoms, molecules and nano-particles interacting with ultra-short electromagnetic field pulses
    • Many-body effects in atomic and molecular systems and plasmas

Victor Matveev, Doctor of Physics and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 683184

  • Department of Information Technologies and Computing Machinery

  • Actual issues of applying informational and communicational technologies in the professional activity of specialists working in the European North
    • Developing cognitive activity of students on the lessons of informatics and mathematics based on regional-content tasks
    • Improving IT students training methodology for solving professional tasks using open operational systems and programming tools
    • Developing the high speed Wi-Fi network methodology
    • Developing the theory and methodology to build physical process models

Alexey Lagunov, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor


  • Department of Age Physiology
  • Revealing and prevention of early forms of drug addiction

Nikolai Ishekov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor


  • Department of Geography and Geoecology
  • The problems of environmental management in the European North of Russia

Natalia Byzova, PhD in Geography, Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

  • Evaluating aesthetical attractiveness of nature and nature-anthropogenic landscapes

Alla Khvostova, PhD in Agricultural Science, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

  • Modernization of geographic education within the regional educational space

Elena Aleksandrova,

PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

  • Condition and efficient use of plant resources in the European North of Russia

Vladimir Belyaev, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

  • The issues of balanced regional development of nature and socio-economic systems

Lyubov Polikina, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

  • Thermal state of lithosphere and atmosphere of the European North
  • Seismological research in the European North

Yuri Shvartsman, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy, Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86


  • Environmental and geographical aspects of oil and gas extraction in the Nenets Autonomous Area

Yulia Shumilova, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86


  • Defining social demographic and socio-economic development problems and prospects of the European North of Russia

Yana Preminina, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

  • Quaternary deposits and terrain features of the Arkhangelsk Region

Tatyana Zatulskaya, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

  • Socio-economic and environmental factors of the Arkhangelsk city agglomeration development

Nadezhda Iglovskaya,

PhD in Geography, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

  • International cooperation in the Arctic: geographical aspect

Nikolay Kondratov, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

  • Environmental and geographical changeability of coniferous species under the European North conditions

Oksana Barzut, PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor


  • The trans-border cooperation model between the North-West Russia and the Northern Europe

Lyudmila Drachkova, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

  • Geographic aspects of tourism development in the Arkhangelsk Region

Ilya Potapov, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

  • History of Russia’s European North mapping

Natalia Pavlovich, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (8182) 68 37 86

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