The Institute of Natural Sciences and Biomedicine inherited the major international activities of its predecessors. Contemporary international life of the institute is very rich.

Our international relations provide opportunities to improve the educational, scientific and practical experience of teaching, to increase the use of advanced educational and research technologies. That’s why we are getting closer to European educational standards in the framework of transition to Bologna process.

Let’s make some examples. We still have friendly educational links with the biological faculty of Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland). Each year student exchange is conducted between the two universities. As a result of these trips, students not only gain new knowledge in biology, ecology, botany, geography, but also learn new methods of field and laboratory research, acquire new colleagues, friends and develop friendly relations among nations. The students share their experience on research forums of the university and the institute.

Students and teachers of the institute regularly take professional development courses and study (in the framework of existing bilateral agreements) in the educational institutions of Nordic countries: Sweden (Lulea University of Technology, University of Umea, Dalarna University, the University of Central Sweden), Finland (Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences, Lapland University), Norway (University of Tromsø, Norwegian University of Science and Technology). Other projects also work in the framework of student exchange programs.

Updated 22.05.2013