Institute of Natural Sciences&Biomedicine

The lecturers and students of the Institute participate in the research activities and expeditions to and beyond the circumpolar region of Russia. The subjects taken by the students pertain to laws of functioning, preservation and exploitation of high-latitude environment; and the character of human activity in the Arctic

The Institute of Natural Sciences and Biomedicine was established in June 2011 by the order of rector of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov. It was created on the basis of two oldest faculties of the Pomor State University – faculty of physics and faculty of natural geography. These two departments trace their history in the fall of 1932, when Arkhangelsk evening Pedagogical Institute was established.

Nowadays the institute comprises more than a thousand students, more than a hundred teachers including candidates and doctors of science, professors and associate professors in all fields of science. We train teachers of geography, biology, chemistry, physics, as well as professional biologists, ecologists, chemists, physicists and environmental managers. We widely use modern technologies: multimedia lectures, online textbooks, presentations of individual homework made by students. The institute includes three computer classes and specialized laboratories for natural sciences. Since 2011 our institute has been successfully developing the multi-level system of education (Bachelor - Master). The institute offers a wide range of opportunities for employment and postgraduate education; it also implements targeted preparation for admission to postgraduate courses of the leading Russian universities.

Nowadays the institute develops the traditions of education, science and practice laid down by its predecessors, the two departments of Pomor State University. We expand cooperation with the leading educational, scientific, research and industrial institutions of Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk region, Moscow, St. Petersburg and cities of the North-West of Russia. Teachers and students of the departments of physics and natural geography often win prizes on different competitions and participate in various expeditions.

A specific feature of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Biomedicine is expeditionary activity in the Arctic. It is carried out by teachers, students and graduates of the institute.

In 2010 the students of direction “Ecology and Nature” took part in cleaning the polluted territories on the island of Alexandra Land, Franz Josef Land archipelago. That expedition was headed by the Special Representative of the President on international cooperation in Arctic and Antarctic A. Chilingarov. Our students also participated in the environmental expedition to island Vaigach (2009), where they studied changes of local ecosystems in a warming world and conducted field research. In 2011 our students participated in an ethnographic expedition along the coast of the White Sea. In 2010 the students of the department of natural geography took part in a dog sled expedition “1200 km on the road of M.V. Lomonosov”, which was devoted to the 280th anniversary of the departure of M.V. Lomonosov from Kholmogory to Moscow. In 2011 teachers of the Institute took part in the final stage of a three-year expedition “Path to science”, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of M.V. Lomonosov.

The institute provides fundamental education that enables our students to successfully build their careers after graduation.

A thesis committee works in the institute. It conducts thesis defense for the degree of doctor of sciences or candidate of sciences in several specialties. A Center of environmental studies, Center of theoretical physics, Laboratory of Forest Science and Laboratory of disperse systems also work in the institute. Regular seminars on the problems of modern physics are conducted in here. An online library of the institute is constantly being updated and supplied with books and journals in physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry.

Our students not only learn a lot, but also have fun. “Freshman hike”, “Freshman day”, “Day of the Institute” are our beloved traditional activities as well as participation in intellectual games, beauty contests, art festivals, sporting competitions. The students also go to concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions.

Contemporary Institute of Natural Sciences and Biomedicine of NArFU is a creative team, a fusion of experience and youth. It keeps old traditions and implements the new methods of educational process and scientific research.

Updated 04.08.2015