International projects

  • "Gribanov-Aas": establishing of a psychological-pedagogical and medical-social centre for children with problems in development;
  • "We саn": experimental class for deeply mentally retarded children;
  • "Development of Special Needs Education in Arkhangelsk Region": new specializations Oligophrenopedagogics and Speech Therapy were launched;
  • "Institute bus": purchase of a minibus for Institute of Child Development and use of it for transportation of children with problems in development;
  • "Family Тhеrару": the study of effectiveness of new psychological and psycho-therapeutical methods of correction of different psychopathological states with children, their implementation into practice;
  • "Legal assistance": legal consultations and other kinds of legal help to parents having children with problems in development;
  • "Decentralization of social help": retraining courses in Special Needs Education for teachers from different educational institutions.
  • "ArctiChildren InNet (2012-2014)": Empowering School e-Health Model in the Barents region (Kolarctic ENPI CBC program).
Updated 16.05.2013