There are 4 departments in Biomedical Research Institute:

The Shared Use of Equipment Center “ArctikMed”

Director: Podoplekin Artem, MBA, Phd., ass. professor.

E-mail: ,, + 7 8182 24-09-06.

Address: Badigyna Avenue, 3, Archangelsk, Russian Federation, 163045

Established by the order of chancellor on 17 january, 2012.

SUEC “ArctikMed” is equipped with unique research facilities that allow multi-faced medical-biological survey both in field conditions and environment simulation lab – of various body systems and their functions. Such researches are in high demand both in Archangelsk region and in the whole world.

The Centre “ArcticMed” is created for:

Increasing the level of scientific researches in a priority direction of the University development Program – «Northern (Arctic) medicine and public health services»,

Improvement of life quality and maintenance of the scientifically-proved standards of ability to person’s live,

Increasing the quality of academic process by formation of the modern research complex, answering to the world standards of the scientific medical and biologic equipment.

The center activity will lead to:

Increasing of the scientific and pedagogical staff, having a scientific degree,

The growth of quantity of masters, post-graduate students and PhD,

Introduction of advanced scientific achievements in educational process,

The growth of intellectual activity and registration of its results,

The commercialization of scientific researches product.

Now academic staff of the Center “ArcticMed” includes 4 professors and 14 PhD.

Child Development Competency Center “Sodeystviye”

Director: Pankov Michail, PhD ass. professor

E-mail:, Tel: (8182) 24-00-70

Address: Badigyna Avenue, 3, Archangelsk, Russian Federation, 163045

Child Development Competency Center “Sodeystviye” is a successor to the Research and Education Center “Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder “Sodeystviye”, that was established in September 2001.

CDC “Sodeystviye” is created for:

  • counseling service (specialized information and education services) to the public on the issues of child development, education and upbringing, including those with disabilities and special educational needs;
  • coordination of interaction between specialists from the Centre and the educational process, including the use of the results of the experts in the lecture courses, and as an experimental platform for research and training, laboratory and term papers, industrial practice;
  • improvement of material and technical base to enhance educational process, scientific research and methodological development in the field of child development and upbringing;
  • arrangement of effective collaboration with educational institutions and health care facilities, state organizations, local authorities and private bodies to develop new specialized informational and educational programs;
  • performing international contracts, participating in international conferences, organization of international staff and academic exchanges with universities, educational organizations and funds to implement international collaboration;

Different specialists such as psychologists, medics, pedagogues and biologists work in the centre. More than 59 thousand specialist consultations, 8.5 thousand individual tutorials and 2.5 thousand of small-group classes for challenged children have been provided during ten years of the center’s work. Moreover, the center annually renders regional and international workshops, round tables and courses for continuing education for Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk region schools’ employees.

Another Center established at IMBI “Arctic climatophysiology”

that accomplishes application of the newly gained scientific knowledge in education in the form of new courses and programs. This allows the learning process to keep up with science.

University Medical Center is being formed at the moment.

The university medical center is currently in the process of formation.

Updated 16.05.2013