Mission, Aims and Goals


  • to be recognized as a leader in legal training and researches in the field of law
  • to meet the region’s need for experts •to maintain and develop the best traditions of classical legal training
  • to ensure fundamental education based on the integrated academic, scientific and practical activities
  • to contribute to the intellectual potential of Russia by nurturing creative, harmonious personalities

Guiding Principles of Work:

  • to combine the fundamental and innovative features of education;
  • to ensure high quality;
  • to maintain the unity of training, researches and education;
  • to get integrated into the regional and international academic communities


  • to meet efficiently the state’s, society’s and region’s needs for experts in law;
  • to ensure high quality of legal training;
  • to develop the science of law on the basis of home and foreign experience;
  • to develop and realize intellectual products and services to support training and retraining of law staff;
  • to develop new forms and technologies of training;
  • to secure the continuous and systematic character of law training;
  • to foster research activities of law students.


  • to meet the state’s and society’s needs for law experts;
  • to meet through education and training a personality’s need for intellectual, cultural and moral development;
  • to deal efficiently with organizational, scientific and technical, economical and methodological issues relating to training and retraining of law staff;
  • to participate in working out regional and municipal programs for law politics;
  • to develop the system of legal appraisal of normative and regulatory draft acts, of conforming the results of the regional and municipal lawmaking to those of the national one;
  • to render advisory and educational assistance to the regional bodies of power and management, to the law-enforcement organizations, enterprises, businesses and individuals;
  • to promote business and creative relations of the Institute of Law with the law-enforcement and law-application bodies;
  • to organize and perform fundamental and application studies in the field of law;
  • to participate actively in the process of internationalization of education;
  • to update the law training;
  • to contribute to the cooperation with higher schools of the world;
  • to organize summer schools (including international ones);
  • to undertake legal propaganda, to upgrade people’s competence and cultural level;
  • to execute the program “Liquidation of Law Illiteracy”;
  • to open law-profile classes in Lomonosov Gymnasium and other comprehensive secondary schools.
Updated 12.05.2013