International projects:

  1. The Legal clinic (N.A.Chertova, E.D.Gavrilyuk) together with the University of Tromsø (Norway);
  2. The project “Family-state interaction in protection of the rights of the child”, Department of Civil law and procedure (E.Y. Shinkareva) together with the University of Tromsø (Norway);
  3. Doctoral studies at the University of Tromsø (Norway);
  4. Scientific-sport expedition as part of the “Heritage of Russian America” project; head is the hero of Russia, PhD, honorary polar M.G. Malakhov.

International partners of the institute:

  1. A cooperation agreement was signed with the University of Tromsø (Norway);
  2. Cooperation within the framework of a tripartite agreement Norway-Sweden-Russia;
  3. Cooperation agreement with Koretsky Institute of State and Law and the center of Comparative Law of the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine;
  4. Cooperation agreement with the Kherson State University (Ukraine);
  5. Cooperation agreement with the International Association of Legal historians (Kiev, Ukraine);
  6. Cooperation agreement with Berdyansk University of Business and Management, Department of Theory and History of State and Law.

Several foreign lecturers were invited to give lections in the institute:

  1. Professor Ernst Nordtveit from the University of Bergen (Norway). He was one of the developers of various legislative initiatives in the Kingdom of Norway. The professor is an expert in the field of environmental, energy and oil rights.
  2. Professor Lena Landström from Umeå University (Sweden). She gives lectures on “The judicial system of Sweden” and “Impact of EU decisions on human rights on the development of criminal procedure in Sweden.”
  3. Steven and Deborah Notindzher. They work as lawyers in the firm “Donchess & Notinger” from the State of New Hampshire, USA. They give lectures on “The American labor law” in the Institute of Law.
  4. Professor Gabriele Tsiten from Germany. Her professional activities include protection of public monuments, academic teaching in the Universities of Trier and Mainz. Currently Ms. Tsiten is a visiting professor at the Department of German in the State University in Cairo, Egypt. The topics of her researches include science about the ancient world and the Greek-Latin, special areas of the history of diplomacy and economics, history of culture and German-Russian history of science. She regularly performs as a consultant for intercultural and interfaith issues.
  5. D. Kardilo from Naples, Florida, USA. Gives lectures about “U.S. legal system”.
  6. Lawyer T. Klanchi from Philadelphia, USA. Gives lectures on “Legal regulation of real estate in the United States”.
  7. The institute of law offers an intense course on environmental and forestry law together with the University of Lapland. The course includes lectures given by K.Kokko (“European environmental law”), L.Vikkari (“Legal protection of outer space”), L.ehtinen (“Legal framework for international investment in the Russian forest industry”).
  8. Professor S. Nusten-Haarala from Finland gives lectures on comparative contract law.
  9. Christopher Svendsen, a graduate student in law of the University of Tromsø (Norway) took a research training and gathered material for his thesis entitled "Compensation for damage to offshore: comparative analysis of Norway and Russia". He gave lectures on the oil law (19.03. 2012 - 04/19/2012).

Teaching stuff and professor mobility

Mobility of the teaching stuff is carried out within the framework of grant activities (lectures and participation in various international conferences). For example, grant “First” (Finland) offers the teachers option to read lectures in English.

Student mobility

The student mobility is organized within the framework of the program “North to North” as part of a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Law of the University of Tromsø (Norway). The students can also participate in the program “FIRST LAPLAND” and study in the University of Lapland. One more option is an internship in the law office “Company Donchess and Notinger” (USA). 32 students got an internship in foreign universities from 2007 to 2012.

Updated 12.05.2013