Institute of Law

Legal education is one of the most important factors in shaping the legal state and civil society in Russia. Improvement and development of this socially relevant sphere of education is a necessity. Legal education has to become a guarantor of a civilized and successful course of the Russian reforms. Qualified legal personnel are required in the judicial system as well as in law enforcement, legislative and executive authorities, local authorities and business.

The legal profession is still in high demand in most countries of the world, including Russia. This is an important and responsible profession because it is related to the fate of people. It is akin to medical profession. People go to the doctor or to the lawyer with hope and faith that they will improve their health, though the lawyer improves moral health, not physical. This is a deeply humane profession by its nature.

Training of highly qualified personnel makes a significant impact on various aspects of the development of Russian society, including economy, political and social factors, and culture. A modern civilized society is unthinkable without law, without working problem solving mechanism and therefore without highly qualified specialists in the field of law.

High civic and political significance of the legal profession in modern society defines a special attention to professional requirements.

The institute of law is currently the center of NArFU’s legal education and legal science in the region. It aims to meet the needs of individuals in higher legal education and the needs of society for qualified specialists.

The institute includes seven departments, a law center, a legal clinic, a crime lab and computer classes. The institute also operates a specialized legal library.

Three departments (the department of legal history and legal theory, the department of constitutional and municipal law and the department of criminal law and criminal procedure) offer postgraduate studies. During its existence the Institute has released about three thousand specialists working in Russia and abroad. Teaching stuff will make every effort to prepare professional lawyers.

The institute trains specialists in the following specialty - “Law”, qualification “Lawyer”.


  • state law
  • civil law
  • criminal law
  • international law

Speciality “Lawyer”

The bachelor in “Law” is prepared for the following types of professional activity:

  • Rule-making (participation in the preparation of laws and regulations);
  • Enforcement (justification and adoption of decisions within the job as well as performance of actions related to the implementation of law and drafting legal documents);
  • Law enforcement (maintenance of law, order and security of individuals, society and the state; protection of public order; prevention, suppression, detection and investigation of crime; protection of private, state, municipal property and other forms of property);
  • Competence (advice on law and implementation of legal review of the documents).

During the program the students study general and specific legal disciplines and acquire actual knowledge about the law and its practical application.

The classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers of NArFU’s Institute of Law as well as teachers and practitioners from other regions of Russia, Finland, Norway, Germany and the USA.

From the second year the students acquire the necessary skills during compulsory practice in judicial, investigative, enforcement agencies, prosecutors, in the executive and legislature agencies, law associations, commercial, and nonprofit organizations.

The students of our institute actively participate in the public life of the city, the Archangelsk region and the country. Many of them are members of various youth organizations. The students participate in the projects “School of young legal scholars”, “Youth Electoral Comission” and many others. They also participate in the work of the Institute legal clinic that provides poor citizens advice at no cost.

The students regularly take part in competitions of scientific publications carried out by foreign organizations, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Association of Law Schools of Russia, the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, the Election Commission of the Arkhangelsk region.

The students have the opportunity to participate in international student exchange programs, in the joint project of NArFU’s legal clinic and the legal clinic of the University of Tromsø (Norway) “The development of clinical legal education in the North”; they can also study in summer schools in Sweden.

The combination of educational, scientific and practical activities allows our students to become highly skilled professionals and to find a decent job, despite the increasing business struggle in the labor market.

After graduating from the university the students get a job in legislative, executive and judiciary facilities, prosecution. They provide legal support to commercial and non-profit organizations or become engaged in private legal practice.

If desired, the graduates can continue their education in magistracy and postgraduate studies under the guidance of leading lawyers of Russia, as well as in magistracy of Norwegian universities or in the universities of other foreign countries.

Updated 22.05.2013