Specialities and directions

In 2013 it is planned to prepare specialists by the following specialties and directions:

Applied mathematic and informatics

The occupational field includes scientific researches, industrial and technological work, academic, organizational and managerial work that requires usage of mathematics, programming, information and communication technologies as well as automated control systems.

The objects of graduates’ professional occupation include high performance computing and parallel programming, computational nanotechnology, intelligent systems, bioinformatics, software engineering, systems programming, tools, technologies, resources and services of e-learning and m –learning, applied Internet technology, applied programming languages algorithms, libraries, packages, products, systems and application software, automated computer systems. Our graduates can work as Application Developers, Database Administrators, ERP Specialists, Network Administrators, Database Analysts.

Teacher education

Because of the implementation of the state program for the development of education in Russia the demand for teaching staff mathematical profile has increased. The graduates are prepared for teaching activity as well as for cultural and educational activity.

The Bachelor of mathematics and computer science can work successfully in the fields of:

  • Secondary (general) education and vocational training as subject teachers;
  • Early childhood education;
  • System of additional education for children;
  • Different branches;
  • Finance and banking;
  • Education management;
  • Law enforcement agencies and institutions of the Russian Federation.

Psycho-pedagogical education

The graduates can easily find jobs in the fields of undergraduate education (general, correctional, inclusive), social services, health and culture. The Bachelor of Psychology and teaching education can successfully work in:

  • secondary (general) education and vocational training as a teacher or psychologist;
  • early childhood education;
  • system of supplementary education for children;
  • personnel agencies;
  • advisory services;
  • employment centers;
  • military organizations;
  • Law enforcement agencies and departments of the Russian Federation.

State and municipal Management

The fields of professional activity include ensuring the effectiveness of organization management, participation in the operations of state and municipal government, improving governance in line with the trends of socio-economic development.

The objects of professional activity of the graduate can be different organizations and departments in the state and municipal government as well as economical, political and social organizations. The manager will learn to plan his individual and joint activities, to motivate the colleagues, to research and diagnose the challenges. Our institute also aims to train manager in the sphere of team leadership and coordination in the environment, rational control of the employees and the organization as a whole, consultation, methodology and educational work with the staff. The graduates of the Bachelor program can continue their education within the Master program for free. The graduates of the Master program can possibly continue their research within postgraduate education and obtain a PhD.

Updated 11.05.2013